Zoning of the children's room

Even if you have a small apartment area, all the same the child needs to allocate a separate room. If possible, the child should be away from the kitchen and the room, where usually the most noise. Particular attention should be paid to the noise factor if the child is very small.

Zoning of the children's room is compulsory. For each activity, the child should have a separate zone. In general, there is such division of a children's room into zones:

All the zones in the children's room must be organically connected with each other. If there is a sufficient amount of space, it is actual and very convenient to zonate the children's room with partitions.

Working area in the children's room

The working area in the children's room can be separated by a partition so that the child does not have a temptation to distract himself from something. In this area there should be a desk with a chair with comfortable back and adjustable height, as well as bookshelves on which the child will store books and school supplies.

The desk should not be chosen small, so that as the child grows up, you can put everything you need (for example, a computer) on it. You can use the window sill area, but you will have to come up with an original solution for placing curtains so that they do not interfere with the occupation. Under the countertop, the successful element will be a nightstand with shelves, as well as a drawer, from where it will be convenient to quickly get a spare pen or a clean notebook. The working area is intended for the performance of lessons and creative activity.

Lighting in this area should be quite bright. All coatings should be made of materials that can easily wash off handles, paints and other things.

Play area in the children's room

While the child is small, the most necessary element of the zone is the carpet. It should not be small. The play area in the children's room can be located in the middle of the room. But remember that you need special boxes or nets for toys. Saves space multi-tiered grid. Which is suspended on the wall or door of the room from the inside.

The wall can also be attached to a compact sports complex where the child can spend energy and at the same time maintain the body healthy and develop the body.

The child must become accustomed to independence. Therefore, it is worthwhile to allocate to it a separate roomy wardrobe for clothes and shoes, the size of at least 120 cm × 120 cm.

Sleeping area in the children's room

Of course, the main character of this zone is a bed. It should be comfortable and attractive externally, so you do not have to put the child to bed for a long time. Lighting of this zone can be dim, enough table lamp, which will be located on the bedside table.

Inventing how to allocate space in the children's room, remember that the main thing is comfort and the availability of some free space.