40 photos of animals showing love

Are you crazy about animals? At the sight of the sweetest little beast, you blur out in a smile, and a good mood? Then that's exactly what will make your day, bring him a note of love, joy and the brightest emotions.

1. Friends will always help.

2. You are my big-about-axis!

3. Yes, yes, there are craps and a little bit to the left.

4. Together forever.

5. The rabbit version of "Romeo and Juliet" or no obstacles will not stand in the way of their love.

6. Hugs. Strong hugs.

7. Dear, well, give credit card! Well, I'm happy ...

8. Smacky smacks. I sailed to work.

9. You are my slave!

10. Tamara and I go together.

11. You are my favorite zebrushchka!

12. Love photosession of the flamingos at sunset.

13. Mom, when will I have the same big nose as yours?

14. Scratch, please, beak.

15. I'm sorry that I came so late ...

16. Honey, whom do you want to peck today?

17. We love each other even in dreams.

18. It seems that this man is not in the mood. Better wait until it passes.

19. Mother is the main word in every destiny.

20. I here to admit you wanted ...

21. Love is when you share your grass.

22. Because my mother will never let me offend.

23. Love inspires and helps to forget that you weigh 6,000 kg.

24. This feeling is imbued with nature.

25. We are all so different, but love is capable of uniting this world.

26. You will smile and say "yes" to me!

27. Well, I did not mean to grow so loud at you ...

28. Someone has a love for others, and someone - for aypadu.

29. You are my Cheburashka!

30. Well, do not be mad at me! Do you want me to scratch your horns with your horns?

31. You are my most beloved bagful asshole!

32. Let's spend all day together on the pasture?

33. Here it is, young fox love.

34. Do not be angry with me only ... ... Now I can bring you a barrel of honey.

35. They say that kindred souls are similar in appearance. Well, are not we beautiful?

36. I'm so glad you came. Do not go back to the zoo.

37. What about a kiss with a tongue?

38. And let's go to the moon together today?

39. These people are always attached to the material world. They do not even have time to embrace.

40. Never, never make me bathe alone.