Cream that slows hair growth after hair removal

Removal of unnecessary "vegetation" on the body is usually associated with skin irritation . Therefore, women tend to use all available means to conduct such procedures as rarely as possible. For this purpose, a cream that slows hair growth after hair removal and depilation is used . Such cosmetic products are offered by most famous manufacturers, however it is important to be able to choose really high-quality, safe and effective means.

Slowing hair growth professional cream after depilation and hair removal

The considered product group is distinguished by a rather high price, but this is explained by the maximum natural composition of the preparations and a high degree of purification of the active ingredients. Among the creams for use after removing hair in any way, you can pay attention to the following names:

  1. Payot Post Epil Le Corps. Contains natural extracts of arnica, witch hazel, fern, calendula oil and chamomile, soy proteins.
  2. Byly Moisturizing Cream and Hair Growth Inhibitor. A tool based on papain, instantly removes redness and irritation.
  3. Lycon Spa Hair on Strike. In the composition - extracts of papaya and chaparelli. The cream is effective after wax and laser hair removal.
  4. Decleor Aroma Epil Expert. The safest product possible, suitable for the care of sensitive areas, even the face.
  5. Simone Mahler Soin Epil +. Means with soy proteins, additionally prevents the ingrowth of hair.
  6. Acorelle Soin Minimiseur De Repousse. Organic cream, deeply moisturizes the skin, removes irritation.
  7. Almea Xreducer. The most popular and effective product, allows you to avoid depilation and hair removal for more than 6 weeks.
  8. Planta Elcaptain Cream to Prevent Germintation Hair. Gently cares for the skin, provides a lasting effect after hair removal and lack of ingrownness.
  9. Aravia Professional Post Epil 2 in 1 Complex. In addition to direct application, the cream performs moisturizing and nutritional functions.
  10. Mary Cohr Deopil Crème. When using this product, the hairs become thinner and lighter. The skin softens, irritation, inflammation is removed.

Inexpensive hair growth retarding cream for depilation and hair removal

In the group of products for mass consumption there are also brands worthy of attention, which are almost inferior to professional means, but cost several times cheaper. For example, slowing hair growth after depilation or epilation cream-gel Deep Depil (formerly "Balance") from the firm Floresan. This drug is a true leader among inexpensive products with the intended purpose.

Other good brands: