Curtains in the children's room for the girl - popular window design options

All parents want the comfort and comfort in the child's room. When choosing the design of the interior, curtains play an important role in the children's room for the girl, on which not only the appearance, but also how much the child is protected about prying eyes, unwanted noise and light.

Ideas for curtains for children's room girls

In fact, the question of which curtains in the nursery for a girl fit best, requires detailed consideration. First, you need to know about the basic characteristics of the product and the requirements to which they must comply.

  1. Curtains for the girl in the bedroom should be eco-friendly, so you need to give preference to natural materials that are not electrified and are as safe as possible.
  2. Another important indicator is practicality. Curtains in the children's room, especially for the girl, should be beautiful, but not superfluous and cumbersome. The more folds and waves, the greater the likelihood of dust accumulation, which can cause allergies. In addition, the simpler the option of curtains, the easier it is to take them off, wash and hang back.
  3. Safety is also an important indicator, so do not decorate the curtains with different beads, fringes, appliques, etc. This applies to cases when the child is still very small.
  4. Good protection from the sun and noise are mandatory functions that must be performed by curtains in order to provide the child with a healthy and sound sleep.

Austrian curtains in the nursery for girls

To choose interesting, beautiful and practical curtains in the room of a teenage girl, advise to pay attention to the Austrian version. Such curtains have a magnificent appearance, and it may seem that for their sewing a lot of fabric is required. In fact, the splendor is achieved not at the expense of tissue, but due to the peculiarities of sewing. Roman curtains are good in that:

  1. In assembled form, much less dust settles on them, because they are located high above the floor and the total area of ​​the curtains is small.
  2. This model is safe, because the child simply can not reach the curtains.
  3. Both ready-made variants, and those that the master offers by their tailoring have many styles and modifications, allowing you to choose an interesting and vivid option at the child's will.

Roman curtains in the nursery for the girl

If you decide to purchase Roman curtains in a children's room for a girl, then first you need to decide on the color, after consulting with the child. It can be as one-color products, combined with a common interior, and cheerful, color colors, which pleased the owner of the room. Next, you should consider the pros and cons of such a design to finally make sure the correctness of the choice.


  1. Possibility of adjustment of illumination.
  2. Non-intricate installation, which makes the care of the product simple and easy.
  3. Beautiful appearance and safety, especially for very young children.
  4. Functionality and ease of use.
  5. With the right approach to choosing a fabric, strength and durability are ensured.


  1. Inconvenience if you want to open the window and the inability to do so with the curtains spread out.
  2. The difficulty in choosing a size when buying a finished product.

Roller blinds in the children's room for girls

Stylish and modern versions of window design - curtains in the girl's room, roll type . This species is a close relative of the Roman variant considered above, therefore they have the same advantages and disadvantages. What you need to pay attention to the folding design. If the Roman curtains are folded with an accordion, the rolls roll into a roll, which means that the choice of the pattern is facilitated, that is, the print will not tear and look not quite aesthetically. Another plus, the roll option can be successfully combined with other types of curtains.

Short curtains for children for girls

Select comfortable and high-quality curtains for a girl can be, if you pay attention not only to external attractiveness, but also to functionality, other characteristics with a plus sign and a minus sign. A good option - short curtains in the children's room for girls, which can fit into any interior and have a number of positive characteristics.

  1. Do not steal space if the room is not large.
  2. It is possible to organize space ergonomically (under the window you can install furniture).
  3. Comfort for care of curtains and ventilation of the room.


  1. In rooms with low ceilings, this option will further visually reduce the height of the room.
  2. It is very difficult to find a ready-made version, so you will have to make an individual order.

Curtains with a lambrequin in a nursery for a girl

Choosing functional and beautiful curtains for a teenage room girls, you can give preference to a more complex version. Curtains with lambrequin are good for a room, the mistress of which loves beautiful things, with magnificent decor, interesting accessories and the possibility of combining curtain fabrics, both in shades and in texture of the material.