Drawings on the face for children

Who does your children like to pretend to be? Did you communicate with the mermaid today? And maybe, from under the blanket you roared a tiger cub? Then you definitely need to help the kids become like their favorite heroes. How to do it? Very simple and fun. Today there is such a wonderful way of entertainment like aqua-grime on the face for children. What is it and how to do it yourself? We will discuss this in detail and with pleasure.

How to draw paints on the face?

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the benefits of such a lesson as painting on the face. For children, this hobby is, first of all, the removal of physical and psychological stress. The image that the child takes, to match his new appearance helps to distract and perfectly lifts the mood. If you have a planned holiday or you just want to please the child, you can make aquagrim for children with your own hands. And afterwards you will not give up the work to master this activity and help the child to change his images.

At once we will stipulate, than it is possible to draw on the face, and what is better not to take in hands. Not every paint is suitable for gentle baby skin. Classic aqua-grime is applied with water-based paints or as a dry powder, which is diluted with water. In some shops special theatrical make-up is sold. It is also great for drawing a picture. However, do not use watercolor paint! The substances contained in them can cause an allergic reaction to the skin of the child. Naturally, oil, stained-glass paints, gouache and carcass also can not be spoken.

Paints for aqua-grime own hands

If in local stores, no one knows what colors paint on your face, you can make them at home. To do this, you will need:

The recipe itself looks something like this:

  1. In a glass put 3 tbsp. l. starch, 1 tsp. water and 1 tsp. cream. Prepare the food coloring of the desired color.
  2. Stir the mixture in a glass, adding one drop of dye. To interfere, thus, it is necessary until the necessary color turns out.
  3. The paint should be applied with a cosmetic brush and a brush for drawing.
  4. If the house has a cork from a bottle of wine (natural cork tree), then to get a black color, you can set fire to the edge of this cork, scrape off the cake and wet brush dipped in the resulting powder.

So, when the material is ready, it's time to decide what drawings on the face will be for children the most interesting, and for adults simple in performance.

How to draw drawings on the face?

The way the picture will be depends entirely on the imagination of the parents and the wishes of the child. However, despite the fact that the pictures on the face for boys and girls may differ, they all have one basis and require a certain technique of implementation. It takes place in several stages:

1. Prepare the necessary materials:

2. Make sure that the paint you selected does not cause allergies to the baby's skin. Apply a small amount of the substance to the skin and wait. Sometimes it takes about an hour to develop a reaction.

3. Remove the hair from the face so that they do not interfere and put on the baby clothes, which is not a pity to stain the paint (although usually the aqua-grime is easily washed off with warm soapy water).

4. The first thing you need to start a drawing is an overlay of the tone. It should be evenly distributed on the face and had a smooth surface. To do this, moisten the sponge with water, dab into the paint and lightly, in a short circular motion, apply on the face. Carefully stain the folds around the eyes, nose and lips. Give the tone a little dry (sometimes the paint can blur on a low basis).

5. Next comes the most difficult work - the drawing of small details, contours and strokes. For beginners, you can have a picture with which to draw an image. Paint on the brush should be typed in circular motions just above the bristles. The paint itself should be creamy, that is, do not drip and do not spread. Aquagrim should be applied at right angles to the child's face. To get a point, you just need to touch the face with the tip of the brush bristles.

Remember that the child is the most difficult model. It will not sit for long in one place, so all the work must be done quickly. Do not forget that the brush can cause tickling or laughter, which, of course, will affect the figure. Prepare the baby in advance for a little tranquility. Turn on him cartoons or distract the conversation. The result will not be long in coming. A beautiful image for a long time will give the mood to your child and leave a lot of impressions.