Dress T-shirt - a stylish and versatile outfit for every day, and not only!

The traditional T-shirt in classic design has an oval neckline, a mini length and a small sleeve, but the modern versions are so diverse that they can easily become the basis of the evening ensembles. What does this basic thing look like in the new season?

Dress T-shirt 2017

Universal fashionable dresses T-shirts 2017 - clothes for all occasions. What's in the trend?

  1. In the everyday version of the winning printed free mini and midi models.
  1. Modern solutions:
  1. It is tempting to look the dress "deuce" T-shirt with a small fringe at the bottom in the linen style and a variant with the lower flounce.

Fashionable T-Shirt Dresses

A modified modern summer dress T-shirt is sewn not only from jersey, but also from high-tech and natural materials, velvet returns to fashion, flower patterns and various inscriptions are interesting. Cool look T-shirt with a youthful dress and a high front incision, which is easily combined with shorts, trousers and narrow mini skirts . Deserves attention model with an elongated bottom.

Fashionable T-Shirt Dresses

Leading designers offer unusual short solutions in a cage with a rectangular neckline. Elongated cocktail dresses with oblique cuts at the bottom and top on one shoulder and shortened double ensembles under the belt, combining several patterns and cuts in one model. For every day perfectly fit free midi dresses T-shirts under the ethno and with an uneven bottom, and side slotted pockets.

Stylish T-Shirt Dresses

Dress the T-shirt with the fat

Hit transparency. A charming gray and pink dress is a T-shirt complete with a light foundation bag and with dark high underwear - a choice of romantic and sensual natures and young girls. In daily life perfectly fit:

Dress the T-shirt with the fat

For city onions are suitable:

T-shirt with mesh

Another seasonal feature is a T-shirt with a mesh at the bottom, where the mesh is an excellent decor element and can:

Dress T-shirt with lace

A trendy mix of practicality and femininity. It is tempting to see a lace dress on a T-shirt in dark tones with a long sleeve, presented by Jason Wu. For lovers, a model with a slightly fitted tail and an elongated uneven bottom in white tones is suitable. The perfect solution is the lacy decor of the hem of the monophonic classic models, adding a refined refinement.

It is quite appropriate for summer workdays, if there is no strict dress code, and in holiday bow will be:

Dress T-shirt with cuts on the sides

A combination of classics and modern chic. Gorgeous branded and stylish dress T-shirt with a print ethno under the belt, and a variant with a contrasting striped pattern and trim fringe. An unusual new-fangled model with a lobster flavor of the length to the middle of the shins, cool under jeans and tight pants fit a T-shirt in the floor with side cuts to the waist and a drawing of the inscriptions.

Mini with small cuts is indispensable in the summer heat, and an elongated midi dress with a high-cut t-shirt can easily be combined with short shorts, capri pants and breeches. In the trend:

Dress T-shirt with cuts on the sides

Dress T-shirt with long sleeves

The indisputable hit of the summer season - a striped T-shirt dress combined two super fashionable directions: a striped print and a sleeve that can be sewn long, to the middle of the elbow and short in the version with an oblique cut on one shoulder. For plump fit free knitted model and raglan from light crepe de Chine. It will emphasize the figure of the dress of the T-shirt in the floor with a low waist.

Dress T-shirt with long sleeves

Do not go out of fashion:

Jeans T-shirt

Comfortable to wear every day is a traditional knit dress T-shirt blue with contrasting white vertical thin strips running from the middle of the shoulder along the entire length. The printed model with the effect of abrasion with an underlined waistline and pockets is not far behind it. Looks elegant dress knee-length T-shirt with flounce in front, imitating ensemble skirt-blouson, and summer playfulness in gray everyday life adds contrasting draping of the hem.

The main postulate in choosing clothes is fashionable in what is comfortable, but anything more practical than jeans can hardly be found. At the peak of popularity:

Dress T-shirt - with what to wear?

An excellent evening ensemble will be a short black stylish dress T-shirt with a trendy smooth and asymmetrical contrast fringe in combination with sandals on the hairpin , selected for the main tone and in red. Drops of the bottom, shades of white and fitted dresses T-shirts with abstraction are combined with any color palette and shoes, and from the heat will protect the head with all kinds of summer hats and caps. Do not forget, in the trend of bag-giants, quite appropriate in any bow.

The versatility of a T-shirt dress is that it not only can be an independent clothing, but it can also be combined with all kinds of trousers, shorts and leggings. What do leading fashion designers advise?

  1. Under light-dark combinations, closed shoes nude.
  2. Collection "deuce" from Elena Burba from the grid and T-shirt combines red and pastel with black shoes on the heel with a closed toe.
  3. Lovely connections:

T-shirt maxi dress

Stylish free long dress T-shirt is easily combined with shoes at low speed and is suitable for evening events, it comes with long massive beads, large bracelets and almost any harmoniously selected handbag. Practical solutions:

What are the evening and everyday combinations in the trend?

  1. All in one tone, high heel, elongated pendants.
  2. Various combinations of prints and shades, short beads, shoes on the middle platform.
  3. A youth black-and-white ensemble with a long fringe from the middle of the thigh, a cap, short socks, lace-up shoes and a watch on a leather strap.
  4. Delicate tonal solutions, a large bag for the main color, bracelets on the wrist and on the shoulders.

Midi T-shirt dress

Sports chic, suitable for any complexion. Varied dress polo shirt polo is perfectly combined:

Short dress T-shirt

Excellent everyday summer solution for slender women - mini dress T-shirt with sneakers and shoes on a low sole. This combination is very comfortable: shoes are comfortable in walking, and clothes do not constrain movements and is a good base for experiments in creating different images. Those who prefer a heel, are offered high heel sandals and shoes with a closed toe and heel on the platform and an average massive heel. Accessories are desirable to choose catchy, but not knocked out from the general chosen style.

Short dress T-shirt