Fancy dresses

Casual clothes can not deliver so much joy and pleasure from their own appearance, like elegant dresses, without which, perhaps, it is difficult to imagine a modern women's wardrobe. This category of clothing is necessary for special occasions and situations in which a young lady can look amazing, without a second doubting the perfection of her image.

Summer fashion for elegant dresses

Elegant evening dresses, as a rule, are distinguished by noble shades of a saturated dark scale, whether it is classic black, dark blue or bard color. By the silhouette these models fit the figure, can be either long in the floor or short, above the knee level. However, this trend is not typical for summer dresses made of light, flowing fabrics of bright juicy tones, with original colors or prints. At the same time they do not lose their special status of spectacular and festive clothes, making each girl a real beauty.

Speaking about the styles of elegant dresses for the summer, one can not but note their originality. The game with shapes, complex combinations, inserts and original design here comes out on top. Open back with a cutout in the shape of the heart, asymmetry, unusual drapery, combinations of two different fabrics - these are just some tricks that fashion designers often use to create another stylish style.

Along with the current trends there are already time-tested. So, the fashion for elegant summer dresses from chiffon is saved not for the first season. Long models with a belt that emphasizes the waist, a slit that reveals a slender leg, side by side with short mischievous styles, in which the young ladies feel like real princesses.

In general, elegant chiffon dresses can be called the number one for cocktail parties. They, on the one hand, look very festive, but on the other do not seem too pompous and inappropriate.

Creating an image with the "participation" of a beautiful elegant dress, we must not forget that every detail should be considered and taken into account. To the extent of a bright make-up with an accent on either the lips or the eyes, a properly chosen hairstyle, chosen according to the characteristics of the attire - it is important to remember all this. For example, if the back is open, it is better to collect the hair upward, and if the shape is tight and closed, you should, on the contrary, dissolve the curls.

Shoes for elegant dresses for the celebration should be solely on the heel, hairpin or platform, and about any ballet or moccasin better for a while to forget.

Variants of elegant dresses

The styles of elegant dresses today are distinguished by many parameters, including:

Disputes on the topic of what looks more beautiful and harmonious: long or short, you can lead endlessly. However, long elegant dresses have their indisputable advantages - they can hide some of the features and small shortcomings of the female figure. While in short models to achieve such a visual effect is much more difficult.

Silhouette - this is also a very important parameter, depending on the merits and demerits of the female figure. For example, elegant dress, a case that emphasizes the beauty of female forms, is more suitable for slender tall girls, because in it more emphasis is placed on the waist and hips.

Coloring, prints and shades often give the image a special highlight. For example, today an increasing urgency is acquired by elegant dresses in peas. They are suitable not only for ceremonial events, but also for every day.

Finally, design, insertion, embroidery, sequins - all this gives each model a special exclusivity. An elegant lace dress is one of such successful examples of a harmonious combination of textures. Especially stylish look styles in which the lace is decorated with any element of the outfit: the back, décolleté zone, sleeves or bottoms.

Thus, the variety of models of elegant dresses is so boundless that it will not be possible to remain without a stylish new thing for a fashionista.