Fashionable colors of clothes - autumn-winter 2015-2016

The cold season can be bright and stylish, regardless of weather and temperature outside the window. If you have time to replenish it with actual and fashionable clothes, then you will not have to feel sad. And if everything is relatively clear with styles and style, then many fashionable women, alas, neglect such an important factor as the color of clothes. But it is known that a well-chosen coloring makes it possible to make the appearance of its owner brighter and more expressive, and also, it is able to emphasize its exquisite taste. That is why this article is devoted to the fashionable colors of autumn-winter clothing 2015-2016.

What colors are trendy in winter 2016?

After reviewing the latest design collections, you can confidently say that the choice of color is quite wide. But some shades in this season have become clear favorites:

  1. A saturated gray . This is one of the most fashionable colors of the autumn-winter season 2015-2016 for outerwear, in particular, for coats and down jackets. Having created total look in gray color, this winter you definitely will not be a gray mouse.
  2. Muted green . The color of the withered grass was most often traced in trouser suits, strict skirts, shirts and other elements of business-style clothing.
  3. The color of the sea wave . If someone thinks that the color of the azure is exclusively a summer tint, then he is deeply mistaken. This winter, evening dresses of the color of the sea wave - a real trend.
  4. Pale pink . This color is recommended for everyday wear, and for special occasions. But be careful, this shade does not fit any color-type appearance .
  5. Dark blue . This classic color designers also did not leave without their attention. Pants and jackets are dark blue in fashion this year.
  6. Mustard seed . A skirt, dress or knitted mustard sweater will remind us a bit of summer and hot sunshine.
  7. Color of Marsala . The trend of the last year is still relevant. In this season on sale it will be possible to find sweaters, skirts, jackets, and also, various accessories of wine color.
  8. A gentle peach . This color in clothes, certainly, will raise mood to the owner and will add to it optimism.
  9. Lilac . The color of the orchid was in vogue at the beginning of last year, but now the designers do not want to forget about it. Combine it with black, brown, white and beige.