Flower business - how to start a floral business from scratch and succeed?

The flower business is considered one of the most profitable and promising, especially in Russia, where men give their women flowers on any small occasions. Successful businessmen say that they do not care how to trade, and the realization of any product can bring a good profit if you know your business, but in this area, everything is not so simple.

Flower business - pros and cons

Those who are interested in what nuances flower business has, whether it is advantageous to trade such a whimsical commodity, it is worth paying attention to its following advantages:

  1. Easy start . Large capital for start is not required. Enough 8-10 thousand dollars to open your point at the metro or at the bus stop.
  2. Easy way out . When the case is closed, it will only be necessary to sell the equipment and resolve all bureaucratic delays.
  3. Great extra charge . The business of selling flowers is noteworthy for a large mark-up, which can be compared with an extra charge for weapons and medicines. Having bought a rose for $ 1 in Holland, it can be sold for 2, 3 and even 5 $.

From the minuses can be noted:

  1. The fragility of the goods . Even in the newly purchased party there is a certain proportion of the marriage, and after all the flowers will wither, without waiting for the sale.
  2. Seasonality of business . Experienced businessmen say that on the day of March 8, you can get annual revenue, but there are also "dead" periods, especially in the summer.

How to open a flower business?

Register as an individual entrepreneur and choose a suitable taxation system. When choosing a room, you need to consider that the sale of flowers can be carried out in a tonal hall, pavilion, in a separate room, shopping center, etc. This will determine the rent. Business in colors will require large expenditures for advertising and equipment - a refrigerator, a split system, vases and containers, shelves and stands, and a cash register.

But you still need to negotiate with the suppliers, to purchase the flowers themselves and the packaging material. It is desirable that the seller for hire has the qualification of a florist, and he must also have a health record. At first, he can take on the functions of a cleaner, and the owner himself is an accountant. In addition to the flowers themselves, it makes sense to offer customers seeds, potted plants, soil for planting, etc.

Growing flowers in a greenhouse, like a business

Gardening gardeners who love their work and know how to get a good harvest, you can make money on it. Growing flowers as a business attracts many beginners and not only entrepreneurs, because you can put the greenhouse on a personal plot and offer goods to businessmen who sell it in their pavilions. For this, you do not even need to draw up any papers, but if you want to sell yourself, then to open your outlet you will have to register an IP.

You can grow roses, crocuses, lilies, tulips, daffodils and others in a thermos glasshouse, having organized in it a solar collector or other method of heating. Landing material can be purchased ready, and you can grow it yourself, saving on this expense item. The largest costs will require the construction of a greenhouse, the purchase of equipment and seedlings of several plant species.

Growing indoor flowers, like business

Houseplants are in every house and if earlier the space of window sills was filled with local specimens, then today there is an opportunity to grow exotic. Business on the room colors is suitable for those who like to tinker with the land and plants and is able to do it. Seeds can be bought in online stores, grow flowers at home and sell, offering them to flower shops or giving out business cards to friends of friends, acquaintances, etc.

Business on vegetable and flower seedlings

With the onset of spring gardeners gardeners start a hot season, but not all get 100% germination of purchased seeds. Therefore, they buy seedlings from those who know the subtleties of its cultivation, can create the effect of the greenhouse and maintain the desired level of humidity, temperature and light. Business on seedlings is seasonal, but it can also bring a lot of money. Of the costs - the purchase of seeds, boxes and soil. You may also need special lamps for illumination. You can sell seedlings in specialized markets.

Business on perennial colors

Such a business is less attractive, because as a "production cycle" it is much longer. After all, to grow the same money tree or dracen, it will take many years. Those who are interested in how to organize a flower business, you can recommend it as a bonus to lovers of domestic plants. Ready-made flowers can be offered to small shops. Another option is to buy plants from individuals and resell them. That is, to play the role of an intermediary between producers and retailers.

Flower seeds - business

Selling seeds is a profitable enterprise that attracts investors. To open a floral business from scratch and sell seeds of ornamental plants and vegetables, you can open your point by registering an IP. Increasingly popular are Internet shops selling seeds, because the cost of the organization requires less. The assortment of products should be good, beginning with running grades and ending with elite ones. You can act as a supplier. Such a flower business will interest owners of their household plots knowing how and when to collect seeds and store.

Business Ideas with Flowers

The desire to bring beauty to the world encourages many to open their own business associated with flowers. Florists can give teaching lessons - master classes, recording the process on the camera and posting on the Internet. Will bring such a floral business a passive income. And the more subscribers there are, the more it will be. Floral business from scratch, many start at home or on the Internet, sharing their knowledge and experience with those who also want to achieve in this matter of any heights.

Business idea - flowers in glycerin

It's still a fresh idea, which is just gaining popularity. Flowers in glycerin - a business based on the love of beauty, which you want to extend for the maximum possible time. Such a case can be opened at home, buying glass containers, the plants themselves, all sorts of decor and glycerin. Transparent containers filled with excellent contents, filled with glycerin solution and clogged. It looks original and cool, and the costs are minimal. You can realize through the flower pavilions in your city.

Business - flowers in a vacuum

The creators of embalming technology, extending their life from 5 to 8 years, are Thais, but they do not give out their secrets, so they will not be able to make such compositions on their own, but opening a flower business from scratch is possible if you find a supplier of such colors in the glass and conclude a contract with him. Will only have to complete all the necessary documents for trade in real life or through an online store. It will require powerful advertising and high-quality photos.

Flowers in a Box - a Business Idea

This idea is easier to promote, having its own pavilion for the sale of plants, but you can also start a business with this direction. For those who are interested in starting a flower business from scratch , you can spin your business on the Internet, finding wholesale buyers. A very popular composition with the logo of a company, so buyers should look for owners of their business, no matter what. Of the supplies only boxes and flowers. The first can look like a hat, a bucket, etc. It is necessary to take care of advertising in advance.

Flower delivery - business idea

The deal related to the sale of flowers, in itself, takes a lot of time and energy, and if you also deal with delivery, you need to hire a courier, look for cars, etc. Not everyone thinks it necessary to spend money on this expense item, so they gain popularity special delivery services that help people to congratulate on the memorable date of relatives and friends in other cities or in cases when the client himself is on business in another city.

Business flower delivery works round the clock. An operator is responsible for calls, which accepts the order and monitors its execution. An important point is the search for suppliers. Flowers can be purchased in bulk directly from greenhouses or from small traders. The nuance of such work is to acquire the goods after the order, because if you do it for the future, it can simply disappear. It is necessary to take care of advertising - both in real life and the Internet.