How to get rid of unwanted hair forever?

For more than one century, women all over the world have been searching for effective and fastest ways to get rid of unwanted hair forever. To eliminate excess "vegetation" many methods have been invented, ranging from habitual shaving and ending with progressive versions of hardware hair removal. But most of these procedures provide only a short-term result and suggest frequent repetition.

Can I get rid of unwanted hair forever?

The answer to the question, sad as it may, is negative. Therefore, you should not trust the various advertising promises that the proposed miracle product or the newest salon procedure for life will solve the problem of unnecessary "vegetation".

It is also necessary to show a healthy skepticism when studying folk recipes and methods, how to quickly and painlessly get rid of unwanted hair forever at home, for example, applying solutions of hydroperite, manganese, iodine, juice and tincture of walnut and other products. Such techniques are not only completely ineffective, but also negatively affect the skin condition. The use of these drugs can trigger a severe allergic reaction, chemical burn, severe irritation.

The most effective means of getting rid of unwanted hair forever

Given the foregoing, consider options for removing excess "vegetation" if not for life, then for a long period.

The most effective way to combat unwanted hair is to use hardware epilation:

1. Laser:

2. Light:

3. Electrical.

Each version of the procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for certain areas of skin, structure, amount and hue of hair. The final decision on the selection of the type of hair removal should be taken by a specialist cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Despite the high efficiency of hardware removal of superfluous hair, this technique does not guarantee a 100% disposal from them forever. The sessions will have to be repeated at least 1-2 times in half a year for many years, and all the "vegetation" will not disappear, its density and growth rate will simply decrease. In addition, laser, light and electric hair removal generally do not work in some cases.