Holidays in Grenada

On the island of Grenada , there are a lot of holidays every year, which are one to one like ours, but there are also those that attract their uniqueness with originality. All of them are always celebrated brightly, let's say, dance, and sometimes with a carnival procession.

Official holidays in Grenada

January 1 - this day local residents eat their analogue of salad "Olivier", drink it with sparkling wine and watch their "Irony of Fate". Yes, on this day the whole island celebrates the new year and let the Grenadians do not sculpt a snow woman, although it has nothing to mold, still they traditionally celebrate this event with a rich meal with national dishes and noisy parties.

February 7 is no less a major holiday. This is the day of liberation from the British protectorate. In the main square of St. George's , the capital of the island state, colorful parades are held. In March or April , here the date "jumps" the same way as we have Easter, the celebration of the Day of Spirits. At this time, fervent dances, hymns are arranged to show respect for the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the symbols of which are bread and wine. In addition, on March 17, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated, and after it, on March 21 , residents of the country of spices celebrate the opening of the International Festival of Food and Beverages.

May 1 , as in the CIS countries, is celebrated Labor Day, May 8 - Mother's Day, and May 16 - Trinity. On August 6, the entire Grenada, with pride and tears in his eyes, celebrates the Day of the liberation of the black population from slavery. August 7 - the opening of the biggest carnival of the country. On this day every tourist has the opportunity to see traditional clothes of local residents.

On October 25, the people of Grenada celebrate Thanksgiving. On November 1, Grenadians celebrate the Day of All Saints. December 6 is the Day of the Constitution, and then a series of official holidays ends and this year celebrates the celebration of the Nativity of Christ ( December 25 ), followed by a series of Christmas vacations.