Piarco Airport

Piarco International Airport was opened on January 8, 1931. When the Second World War was going on, the airfield belonged to the Royal Navy. And since 1942, the US Air Force has settled down here. After the war, this place again became controlled by civil aviation.

Where is Piarco airport?

The airport is about 25 km east of Port-of-Spain . It includes:

The northern terminal is mainly used for commercial passenger transportation.

Airport Features

By 2001, the construction of a new building was completed, which was to significantly expand Airport Port of Spain. And the old building is used today to serve cargo flights. Air conditioning is installed in the passenger terminal, and during the peak hours, one and a half thousand people are served at the same time.

The airport has modern computerized systems, comfortable lounge areas and restaurants. There is also a point of rent and car rental. This will be an excellent option for those who are going to travel around the island. But if you can not drive, you can use the following types of transfer:

Airline directions

Tourists will find it useful to know that daily passenger services from London, New York and St. George's are carried out from Piarco by American Airlines, Islands Air Transport. The basic airline of the airport is Caribbean Airlines.

The international airport of Port-of-Spain is an important transport center for several airlines. And the most popular destinations from the airport are Miami, London, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Caracas, Orlando, Toronto, Panama, Houston and others. If you fly to Trinidad and Tobago from Kiev, you will have to make transplants in several European cities.

You can get to Piarco airport today using any public transport or taxi.