Shimmer: wet shine of beautiful skin

Shimmer is a shimmering cosmetic that is used to give the skin a healthy radiant appearance, to smooth out its tone and eliminate tarnish. From other shimmering products, such as glistening powder, the shimmers are distinguished for their unique effect. They give the skin a moist shine, as if they illuminate it from the inside. Such an action is provided by the mineral particles or pearlescent particles that make up the composition.

Types of shimmers

Shimmer can exist in various forms: in the form of liquid fluid (splash or spray), compact or friable powder, and its color varies from pearly white to sunburnt shade. Different shimmers give different radiance: wet, creamy, neon, satin, pearly.

Of the most popular flickering tools, enjoying the deserved love of girls - fans of complex make-up, you can call these:

How to use the shimmer?

Depending on the intensity of the pigment, the shimmer can be used on the entire face (for freshness and rested appearance), along the contour (for emphasizing the relief), on the cheekbones (for emphasis). Most often it is applied to the same areas as the highlighter : the forehead, the zone above the eyebrows, the back of the nose, the chin.

A blinking agent can be used alone or in combination with other cosmetics. For example, a shimmer fluid can be mixed with a foundation. In this case, the flickering will be delicate, and the skin will acquire a fresh and well-groomed appearance, thanks to the scattering of light by the pearlescent particles.

It is important that the shimmer shade coincides with the general color scheme, in which all make-up is sustained.

To emphasize the cheekbones, the shimmer is applied over the blush, to give a mysterious look - to the eyeshadow. The base under the shimmer can serve as a tonal base, powder - on the "naked" face it does not cause.

Liquid shimmers are applied sponge , dry or wet method, or gently kneaded with pads of fingers. Dry - with a broad brush for powder or blush.

Shimmer should be used very dosed. For daytime make-up - better locally and in combination with other products to avoid a strong, conspicuous shine. In the evening - you can walk the shimmer more intensively to get a saturated radiance. It will look gorgeous in the evening light. Very effectively looks the d├ęcolletage zone, slightly dusted with shimmer means.

With caution this beautiful product should be used by girls with skin prone to fat and having dilated pores. On such a skin, the shimmer may look messy and stress its shortcomings. In this regard, the tool can not be called universal: it is rather capricious and does not fit all. That is why shimmer products are not so often updated in the collections of well-known cosmetics brands: it is believed that this means "on an amateur".

Before you replenish your cosmetic bag with this wonderful product, be sure to test it in the store: look carefully in the mirror in daylight, ask advice from a friend, whether it gives you a greasy shine instead of wet radiance. Shimmers of luxury brands are quite expensive, so if you are not sure that this "your" product is 100%, maybe you will do well in your make-up without it.