Retinoic ointment from acne

Acne is one of the most common problems of our time. Most of this trouble, of course, affects adolescents, but often pimples appear in adults. Not only that they look very unpresentable, but even deliver a lot of discomfort. Get rid of acne can be various well-advertised and quite expensive, but there is a more affordable, but no less effective option - retinoic ointment.

Retinoic ointment in cosmetology

The fact that retinoic ointment is an excellent help to get rid of acne is known for a long time, but with the advent of modern means, it has gradually receded into the background. And absolutely undeservedly, it should be noted.

In the retinoic ointment 0.05% contains isotretinoin - a substance on the basis of which most cosmetic products are produced. Many dermatological problems are associated with a violation of the correct operation of the sebaceous glands. Allocates too much sebum, which causes inflammation around the glands, which causes the appearance, rash, pimples, comedones , acne. Retinoic ointment relieves of acne, having a strong anti-inflammatory effect and reducing the secretion of sebum.

Specialists recommend retinoic ointment because it is more effective and faster than many other means of normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands. After a wellness course, the tissues recover much faster, the skin acquires a healthy, fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

Application of retinoic ointment

To the effect of using retinoic ointment was the maximum, you need to adhere to the rules of its application. Since the tool has a strong enough tightening effect, it should be used no longer than a couple of weeks in a row. This period will be more than enough to ensure that the skin is cleansed, but there is no peeling and excessive dryness.

Cosmetologists and dermatologists prescribe retinoic ointment for the treatment of acne comedones and acne. In addition, the agent can be effective in such diseases:

A thin layer of retinoic ointment will be enough to get rid of acne. Ideally, the product should be applied to the cleansed skin twice a day, but the ointment does not tolerate the sun's rays, and the contraction can cause discomfort throughout the day. Therefore, those who have already tried to treat acne and acne retinoic ointment, are advised to use the drug only for the night. And that retinoevaja ointment not strongly dried a skin, after its application it is necessary to put on the face a soft humidifying or wetting cream.

The most suitable time for treating retinoic ointment is spring and autumn, when the skin needs special protection and support. If the pimples do not give you rest all year round, then the treatment course can be repeated. However, using retinoic ointment in the summer, before going out to the street, you should always apply sunscreen on your skin. Otherwise, sunburns may appear.

Alternative to retinoic ointment

Begin the application of retinoic ointment carefully, observing the reaction of the skin. After several first side effects can not be seen, if after a while you notice that the skin starts to flake off badly, and the amount of acne practically does not decrease, you need to find a less aggressive medicine.

The most famous analogues of retinoic ointment are:

  1. Roaccutane is a medicine aimed at treating acne, but has also proven itself in the fight against acne. Like retinoic ointment, it has anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Retasol reduces the amount of fat released by the skin.
  3. 13-cis-retinoic acid is another available analogue of retinoic ointment that relieves acne and acne.