How to choose a heater - which type is best for heating your home?

If you do not know how to choose a heater for a house, dacha or other room, then it is important to understand which parameters you need to pay attention to the device to perform its tasks well and not disappoint. Each species has its own characteristics.

What kind of heaters are there?

All heaters are divided according to two main criteria: the source of energy and the method of heating. According to the first parameter, devices operating from gas, electricity and liquid fuel are isolated. It should also be indicated what kind of heaters there are for the house according to the heating method:

  1. Heat is transmitted by radiation.
  2. The flow of air is mixed by natural convection, because cold and warm air have different densities;
  3. Heating is carried out by forced air circulation.

Infrared heater - characteristics

This device does not work by the principle of heating the air, but heats the objects that are around. There are different types of infrared heaters, which are different in design, so there are floor, wall and other options. When choosing, one should take into account such criteria:

  1. When choosing the power of the device, it is necessary to remember that for heating 1 m 2 you need 1 kW.
  2. It is not worth pursuing the famous brands, because there are decent devices offered by the manufacturers of China.
  3. When deciding how to choose an IR-type heater, it is advisable to pay attention to models with a thermostat for temperature maintenance, a sensor to protect against overturning and overheating. For convenient use, you need a remote control.

Quartz heater characteristics

The design of this device is a monolithic plate, in which there is a heating coil. It is worth mentioning the main types of heaters for the house, which are divided according to the principle of work:

  1. Infrared . Such installations generate infrared radiation. This option should be chosen if there is not enough heat or the problem with the deficiencies in the operation of district heating should be solved. Note that 10 m 2 requires 1 kW of power.
  2. Convection. With the help of such devices, heating occurs due to air convection. This option is suitable for an autonomous heating system.

How to choose an oil heater?

The design of this device has a metal casing, inside of which there is a heating element and mineral oil. Externally, the heater is similar to a stationary battery. Choosing these types of space heaters, you need to focus on such criteria:

  1. The maximum power of the device is 3 kW, so for large rooms you need several copies.
  2. The number of sections at the heater can be from 5 to 14, and here it is worth considering that the more sections, the faster it will heat the room, but it will require more electricity. It is better to choose 6-8 sections, and they should be narrow.
  3. When determining how to choose an oil heater , you should recommend choosing models with such additional functions: a light indicator, a temperature regulator, several operating modes, a timer, a built-in air humidifier and a fan.

How to choose a convector heater for your home?

Such heaters have a simple design: a metal casing with a heating element inside it, working from an electrical network. If you are interested in what kind of heaters there are for a house, and what type of convector type it is worth choosing, then consider these recommendations:

  1. It is better if the heating element is cast monolithic, since it will last a long time and it works more efficiently than others.
  2. If the convector heater is needed as a supplement to the centralized heating, then the power is calculated so that for each 1 m 2 there is 25 watts. If there is no other heating, then this value increases to 40 W.
  3. Describing how to choose a heater, you should pay attention to additional functions. Convenient is the regulator, which allows to change the temperature, and the thermostat. A good addition is a built-in ionizer that absorbs dust and saturates the air with negative ions. Useful and protection from overturning.

Types of gas heaters

For local heating of small areas of 6-10 m 2 , devices working on gas can be used. Finding out how to choose a good heater, it is worth pointing out that gas installations are divided into portable and stationary models. The first option is for temporary heating, it is small in size and in most cases is put on the floor. Stationary devices operate from the main or balloon gas, and they are installed on a permanent place. They are powerful and require the use of additional equipment.

More gas heaters can be divided into catalytic, infrared and convector models. There are a few tips on how to choose a gas heater:

  1. If you plan to install a stationary heater, which can be used periodically and continuously, then it's better to stop at the gas convectors.
  2. To heat a pair of rooms that have a total area of ​​not more than 20 m 2 , then choose a catalytic heater that is safe and noiseless.
  3. When you need to heat a dacha, garage or warehouse, consider models of infrared heaters with a ceramic burner.
  4. For outdoor areas, buy a heat gun.

Heater on the floor in the form of a carpet

It is not always possible to organize traditional floor heating and then you can pay attention to the mobile carpet with heating. Its design implies the presence between the two layers of carpet film heater with carbon fiber. If you are thinking over which heater to choose for a balcony and for other rooms to use it as needed, then such a carpet will be an excellent option. It has a large area, is mobile and safe, does not dry air and does not burn oxygen.

The heater in the form of a fireplace

If there is no possibility to build a real fireplace, then you can use an excellent alternative - a heater in the form of a fireplace. Describing what kind of heaters are, it should be pointed out that such fireplaces work with foil, fan heater, light filters and silk. In the design there is a display on which the picture of a live flame is visualized.

  1. Take into account the technical characteristics of the product and necessarily on the power, since the higher this figure, the faster the room heating will occur.
  2. Choose a fireplace for the design of the room, because there are different designs and veneer: tile, stone, granite and so on.
  3. Evaluate additional features, giving preference to the most useful. For example, there are fireplaces with air humidifier, heat regulator, auto-shutdown and so on.

Heater in the form of a picture

New technologies have touched also heaters and today it is possible to get a decorative panel with a beautiful pattern, inside of which there are carbonaceous fibrous threads. After connecting, they begin to emit infrared waves, heating objects around.

  1. Wall-mounted heater in the form of a picture , depending on the size, can be used for heating up to 25 m 2 .
  2. The most popular size is 120x60 cm, and the average power is 500 watts. This is enough to heat a standard loggia.
  3. The weight of such paintings is not more than 1 kg and the working time resource on average is 50 thousand hours. The maximum temperature is 60-75 ° С.

How to choose the right heater?

That the device for heating has justified hopes, it is necessary to pay attention to such criteria:

  1. Specifications. The most important parameter is the power factor, but at the same time, consider that the device should be economical.
  2. Area and degree of heating. When deciding which good heater to choose for the children's room and other rooms, consider for what purpose it will be installed, for example, you need to heat the entire room or just the space beside the bed.
  3. Place of installation. It is necessary to decide which model will suit the room, so that it fits comfortably and does not interfere.
  4. Security. A very important criterion, since there are many cases when the heater became the cause of burns and even a fire. The case should not become very hot, but also pay attention to the legs, which must be stable.
  5. Optional equipment. It is necessary to have a power regulator that helps to select the optimal operating mode, a thermostat that allows to maintain heat generation at a given level, and an overheating protection system that triggers when the device reaches critical temperatures. When figuring out how to choose a heater, you should specify that there are models with an air ionizer and other useful functions.

Which heater is the most efficient?

Many people want to buy a device that heats best, and in this case, you need to pay attention to power. It is impossible to say exactly which types of space heaters are best for heating. On average, to heat a room with an area of ​​up to 10 m2 with good thermal insulation, the device with a power of 1.5 kW will suffice. In case the apartment has high ceilings and concrete walls, and it is still very cold, then you should buy a device with a higher output of up to 2-2.5 kW.

Which heaters are the safest?

Manufacturers of all types of heaters regularly work to increase their safety. Describing how to choose the right heater, it should be pointed out that the minimum level of threat in IR heaters, since they do not have a classic heating element, but for large houses it does not fit. On the second place on safety there are noiseless convectors connected to a uniform electric network. They have special protective systems that prevent serious damage or fire.

Which heater is more economical?

To ensure that the utility bills are not huge, it is important when choosing to pay attention to energy consumption. According to the experiments conducted, it turned out that the most economical types of heaters for the home are the ceramic panel and the micthermic heater. Such devices are ergonomic, efficient and durable. Speaking of the only leader, this is a ceramic panel.

Which heater to choose for an apartment?

Selecting devices for an apartment, consider such factors: the area of ​​the room, the number of windows, the capacity of the central heating system and the number of inhabitants. For example, if the housing is small, the windows are sealed, but the central heating is weak, then the best types of heaters for the apartment are a convector and oil device. If only one person lives, you can choose an infrared heater. In the nursery it is better to hang a convector on the wall.

Which heater is best for giving?

Since there are not so many in the country during the cold season, it is not advisable to install permanent heating. In this case, useful information about how to choose an infrared heater for the dacha, which is considered the most practical solution. The main parameter, which is worth paying attention to - power (for heating 1 square meter you need 1 kW). You can also choose a fan heater, which almost instantly gives heat and quickly heats the room. For families who live long in the country, an oil appliance is suitable, which will gradually warm up the air.

How to choose a heater for your home?

To maintain the heat in the apartment building, one device is not enough, so experts recommend stopping the choice of convectors that can be hung in different rooms without damaging the design. Thinking about what kind of heater to choose for the house, to heat only one room, then the best solution will be an oil cooler. If you need to heat the veranda, then it is worth buying an IR-device.