Dishes for induction cookers - how not to make a mistake in the choice?

Practical housewives are increasingly choosing for their kitchens new-fashioned induction cookers . The principle of their work differs from the usual gas and electric stoves. To use them you need special dishes for induction cookers. Not every pan and frying pan will do, and it's not about recommendations or prohibitions. Just to start the plate is necessary to meet certain conditions.

What kind of utensils are needed for an induction cooker?

The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is that an alternating magnetic field produced by a copper coil becomes a source of induction current. This coil stands under the surface of the plate, and to begin to heat the food, you must put a pan with a metal bottom above it. It will become a conductor, the vortex induction current from the plate will move the electrons of the ferromagnetic bottom, resulting in the release of heat. If to talk more simply about what utensils for an induction cooker are necessary, how to choose the right option, you need utensils that are magnetized.

Suitable dishes for modern induction cookers:

Characteristics that dishes for induction hobs and plates should have:

  1. Thick bottom . Its thickness should be from 2 to 6 cm.
  2. The diameter of the bottom is not less than 12 cm . This size is minimal for safe use of the cooker.
  3. Ferromagnetic properties of the bottom . Without this condition, the dishes can not bring the oven into working order.

Induction dish icon

Cast-iron dishes for induction cookers

So, by asking which crockery is suitable for induction cookers, you will be happy to know that one of the best options is cast iron pots , pots and frying pans. If you have those, you do not need to get rid of them. Cast iron has excellent magnetic properties, which is easy to verify by attaching to the bottom an ordinary magnet from the refrigerator. As you know, such dishes are durable, perfectly distributes heat, stores it for a long time. By all indications, the cast iron dishes are the best for the induction cooker.

Ceramic ware for induction cookers

Pure ceramic dishes for induction cookers are not suitable - it will not heat up. On sale there are products from ceramics with the addition of special metals, which give them the necessary properties. Other dishes suitable for induction cookers are metal, covered with ceramics from the outer and inner sides. In such frying pans and pans, food does not burn even without oil, the coating does not absorb odors, does not allow harmful substances from the metal to enter the food, does not crack and keeps the appearance for a long time.

Enamel ware for induction cookers

Habitual enameled dishes are metal, covered with a layer of enamel. The fact that this saucepan is suitable will be indicated by an icon on the dishes for induction cookers. It looks like a horizontal spiral and is often signed by the word Induktion. You can see it at the bottom of the dishes. If there is no sign, perform a simple test with the magnet. Enameled dishes, like ceramic, serve for a long time without any complaints. Care should be taken carefully: without abrasive detergents and iron brushes. It is undesirable to heat food in such a pan for too long - this can lead to the cracking of the enamel.

Stainless cookware for induction cookers

Stainless steel is suitable for induction furnaces not worse than cast iron. Its disadvantage is the probable release of nickel, which is not very useful for health. In addition, the surface of stainless steel burns food more often. However, such utensils are used in the kitchen more often by another because of its affordable price. In stainless pans, you can store cooked food without losing taste and useful properties. So, pondering over the question of what kind of dishes can be used for induction cookers, just look into your kitchen cabinet in search of ordinary pots and stainless steel frying pans.

Copper tableware for induction cookers

Previously, copper dishes were not suitable for induction cookers, but modern manufacturers were able to adapt copper for these purposes. In such a dish, the bottom is made of a ferromagnetic alloy, which makes it compatible with induction. If you are not sure which utensils to use on the induction cooker, look for the appropriate labeling or try to magnetize the ordinary magnet to the bottom of the copper utensils.

Glassware for induction cookers

If you like glassware, and you need kitchen utensils for induction cookers, the output will be special products with glass walls, but with a ferromagnetic base. Another option is to use a steel disc under the bottom. With it, you can cook in absolutely any dishes, because the heating will occur through this disk. By the way, this simple adaptation will help to solve yet another problem related to the diameter of the bottom, which does not always reach the required 12 cm.

Diameter of dishes for induction cookers

When studying the question of what kind of dishes for an induction cooker is suitable, you need to pay attention not only to the materials of manufacture, but also to the dimensions of the bottom. So, its diameter should not be less than half the diameter of the burner. On average, this indicator is at 12 cm. There are plates with smaller diameter burners - 15 cm. In this case, it is enough that the bottom of the dishes reaches a diameter of 8 cm. If this rule is not observed, there is a high probability that dishes and food simply will not heat up.

What kind of dishes can not be used on an induction cooker?

As already mentioned above, for an accurate determination of the validity there is a labeling of dishes for induction cookers. Even if there is no such badge, some earlier dishes are suitable for this purpose. Uniquely it will not be possible to use glass, ceramic, copper, aluminum utensils if it does not contain special metal alloys or if it does not have a ferromagnetic base. The way out of this situation is a steel disk with a handle.

Why does the induction cooker not see the dishes?

In addition to improper material of manufacture and small diameter, the reason that dishes for induction cookers do not fit can be that the bottom is too thin (less than 1.5-2 cm in thickness) or uneven. The corrugated bottom sometimes causes an incomprehensible rumble during cooking, or the cooker refuses at all to react to such utensils. The best way to avoid all these troubles is special dishes for induction cookers. By purchasing such a set, you definitely will not encounter such problems.

Quality cookware for induction cookers

Today dishes for induction cookers are presented in the widest range, so there are no problems with choosing a suitable one taking into account taste and financial possibilities. Nevertheless, it is better to allocate a certain amount of money for the purchase of a good set, where there is a designation of an induction cooker on the dishes to save yourself from further problems and searches. Preference should be given to proven manufacturers.

Dishes for induction cookers Rondell

This German company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer, taking into account all the features of dishes for induction cookers. In addition to being adapted to this kind of cooking surfaces, Rondell's utensils are endowed with a variety of convenient and pleasant little things like handles that fix the lid, spout for liquid draining, silicone handle cover to prevent slipping and heating, and much more.

Dishes for induction cookers Gipfel

Another German company, which deserves no less attention due to the high quality of its products - Gipfel. If you can not decide which dishes to choose for an induction cooker, you can safely stop at a stylish and high-quality series specially designed for such purposes. In ready-made sets there are all necessary items - pans of different diameters, saucepans, ladles, frying pans. All of them meet the basic requirements of plates, working on the basis of induction.

Tips for using dishes for induction cookers

In order to ensure that the dishes and oven serve you correctly and for as long as possible, you need to follow some simple operating recommendations:

  1. Always place the dishes in the center of the burner and make sure that the bottom of the plate covers at least half of its diameter. If this condition is not met, the furnace will emit radiation that is harmful to both human and nearby electrical engineering.
  2. Ensure that the base of the cookware is snug against the hob. This will ensure a uniform heating of food.
  3. Do not use pots and pans with carbon. This will interfere with the normal operation of the plate and lead to contamination of its glass-ceramic surface. In addition, the deposit prevents uniform heating of dishes and food.
  4. Do not bring your hands to the surface while working. At close range radiation from the furnace is unsafe.
  5. It is not necessary to use induction furnaces for people with pacemakers and other electronic mechanisms.