What kind of women do men like?

If a woman dreams of finding a loved one and starting a family, she needs to have an idea of ​​what kind of women men are more fond of. Male psychology is significantly different from female psychology, so this information is better to learn from psychologists.

What kind of women are more fond of men?

The first thing that a man evaluates in a woman is her appearance. Be beautiful in this case is not necessary. But it's imperative to be well-groomed, tastefully dressed, smiling, with shining eyes. Avoid the man of groomed and untidy ladies, and besides that, they will be frightened off by their talkiness, excessive curiosity, vulgarity, hysteria.

Why do men love small women?

Among the generally accepted information about what kind of women women like, one can meet the claim that a strong sex prefers long-legged beauties of model appearance. In fact, this is not entirely true. A girl of high stature, despite her fragility and beauty, does not always cause an instinct for a man to protect and protect her. Moreover, such ladies may well be of the same height with their man, or even higher. Another thing - a woman of small stature. In the man next to her, the "knight" instinct awakens, he feels stronger and more courageous.

Another advantage of women of low growth is that, even gaining excess weight , they look more accurate than tall ladies. But, of course, in any rule there are exceptions. Men who like tall women, of course, exist. Usually these are quite self-sufficient personalities, to whom the spiritual connection with the beloved is more important than her appearance.

Why do men not like smart women?

The situation with smart women and dislike of men in many ways is similar to the above. Next to an intelligent woman, many cavaliers feel an inferiority complex, because feel that they can not "reach out" to their beloved. In addition, the presence of an intelligent and erudite lady of the heart assumes constant development: going to exhibitions, to theaters, reading books, etc. While many men after a hard day prefer to relax on the couch in front of the TV. For such individuals, an intelligent wife is a constant source of irritation. And, most likely, they quickly enough will replace the intellectual for the simple, adoring oven to pies and to look melodramas.

But again there are exceptions. Intelligently developed successful men not only avoid smart ladies, but, on the contrary, seek meetings with them. They understand that such a companion of life can be an assistant, a source of inspiration and a catalyst for further growth. Smart ladies, in turn, do not aspire to shock the man with their intellect from the first meeting, but they are fascinated by purely feminine qualities - tenderness, beauty, charm, wit.

What kind of women do men like in bed?

The ideal woman, according to men, should be the mistress of the house and the queen on a visit. In bed, the impeccable spouse must reincarnate in the priestess of love, able to feel her man, fully give himself to him and be ready to experiment.

One of the most valuable talents of a woman is the ability to be in a different bed. As you know, men are polygamous. And in order not to become addictive, a woman needs to strive to diversify sex life. However, men should not forget the well-known saying: "A woman is capable of everything, but not under everyone." So they also need to match.

Do men love fatal women?

A femme fatale is one for which madness is committed, families are ruined, "bridges burned". A typical image of a femme fatale is beautiful, domineering, intelligent, independent. Men of such ladies are afraid, hate or love to madness. It's impossible to become happy next to a femme fatale , but in old age there will be something to remember.