Madonna and her six children

All her life, Madonna loved to come off in full and never heard the quiet. But now, becoming a mother, the pop diva has changed beyond recognition and behaves like a moralist. The singer herself repeatedly said that motherhood radically changed her consciousness and way of life. Now she increasingly puts on the network family photos and videos about the joint pastime with the children, whom she has six.

The rescue

Where does the desire for a large family? Louisa Veronica Ciccone herself grew up in a similar environment, she was the eldest among six brothers and sisters. Today, the singer has the same number of children. The eldest daughter Lourdes Maria from Cuban Carlos Leon and son Rocco from Guy Ritchie are the biological children of the star, and the other four are adoptive. In 2009, with a charity mission, the singer was on the African continent, in Malawi. There, Madonna saw 2 lovely children - a boy and a girl, 9 and 10 years old. Having registered guardianship, she took them with them to the United States.

Once again, being in Malawi in a few years, the celebrity saw two more twin girls and, finding no place for herself, went back to them in 2016 and took them from the orphanage. Today the twins Esther and Stella are the stars of the singer's Instagram. Mom tries as often as possible to talk about the talents of their girls, who, besides music and dancing, are fond of rock climbing and kickboxing.

An exemplary mother

The singer is a caring and generous mother. She often spoils children and gives them gifts, although she keeps everyone in order and discipline.

The pop star's web page is no longer full of sexy pictures, but more and more resembles a cute family photo album. At the celebration of her 59th birthday, the star was photographed with all her children and also laid out a photo in the Instagram.

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Today, the older Rocco and Lourdes Maria are already living on their own. Lourdes is fond of clothing design and builds a modeling career, and Rocco moved to London to his father. The adopted children of the singer are actively engaged in dancing and music and want to be like their famous mother. Well, time will tell.