Margot Robbie made her debut in the advertising campaign Chanel Coco Neige

27-year-old movie star Margo Robbie, famous for her roles in the tapes "Focus" and "Squad of suicides", took part in an advertising photo shoot of a new line of Chanel brand, called Coco Neige. So far, only one photo is available to the general public, but even he was able to collect a huge amount of positive feedback from fans of Robbie and couturier Karl Lagerfeld, the author of this collection.

Margot Robbie

Margot posed in a hat with a fur hat and a snow-white sweater

Despite the fact that the advertising campaign of the collection of Coco Neige - clothes, which is intended for winter recreation, will start only on June 10, Lagerfeld decided to warm up the interest of fans of the brand Chanel and Robbie by publishing the first photo on the Internet. On it you can see Margo, who poses in a white-colored hat with a Coco Neige logo, a voluminous sweater of the same shade with a neck and inserts on mustard-colored sleeves, black pantyhose and pantyhose. All this beauty Carl decided to capture against the blue sky with clouds and it turned out, frankly, very badly.

Margot Robbie in the advertising campaign Chanel Coco Neige

After the frame from the campaign Chanel Coco Neige appeared on the Internet, Robbie decided to comment on the cooperation with this brand. This is what Margot said about this:

"As soon as I received an offer from Karl to become the face of the winter collection of sportswear, I was a bit confused. Earlier I did not participate in such actions and did not quite understand how to represent this kind of clothes. Then Lagerfeld told me that I was myself and did not take this work too seriously. As a result, we managed to make a smart photo session, which will soon be seen by all comers. After working with this famous couturier, I realized that he is not only a genius of the fashion world, but also an interesting, wonderful person. Karl thinks unconventionally, creatively and always understands what he wants. This is its feature, which distinguishes the designer from other people. "
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Coco Neige - the first collection of Chanel for winter holidays

Despite a fairly old age, Karl Lagerfeld does not cease to amaze his fans with irrepressible energy and creativity, which are poured into new collections. Those fans who follow the activities of the fashion house Chanel know that every year Karl produces six collections. In addition, the couturier pleased his fans with novelties - collections that were named Coco Beach and Coco Neige.

Products from the winter collection, which is devoted to sports rest, on the shelves of stores will appear in mid-July this year. It will include various jackets, ski jumpsuits, down jackets, quilted skirts and pants, sheepskin coats, various knitwear and warm sports-style shoes.

Carl Lagerfeld