Meryl Streep: "We must fight for our ideals!"

This year, the owner of three Oscars, one of the most sought after actresses of Hollywood, Meryl Streep starred in Steven Spielberg's "Secret Dossier." This was the first joint work of the actress and director and, in the opinion of Strip himself, it was in this picture that she wanted to play.

A strong woman is an example to follow

Meryl Streep often had to play strong women, with an outstanding destiny and life principles. The heroine of The Secret Dossier, Catherine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post, who challenged strong opponents in the struggle for publishing classified documents of the Pentagon about military events in Vietnam, was no exception. The actress herself believes that a woman often becomes an exceptional example in many life situations:

"Not so long ago fate confronted me with one unique woman. This is a fearless journalist from Mexico, Patricia Mayorga, exposing single-handedly unclean politicians associated with drug cartels. She constantly puts her life in danger. But, like many other brave people, she is very optimistic, this is the quality that drives people and the course of history. No bastards should break you! I myself can not boast of boldness, although in the movies I often had to play brave heroines. They resisted terrible events, and I always wondered where this incredible ability to take a blow comes from and take unthinkably difficult decisions. I've always been inquisitive. I admit that you can say about me: "She likes to stick her nose to everything!"

Uneasy times

The actress admires her heroine Catherine Graham with admiration, noting that she was still a man with her own fears and feelings:

"She took a firm niche in her intentions and did not retreat a single step, although she was not completely sure of the validity of her position. Occupying such an important post, she had to look confident, but in reality this was not always the case. The times were not simple and it was only due to their self-control and excellent qualities that she was among the most outstanding personalities of that era. In her book, she writes that she did not realize much. Women often feel out of place, and this prevents them from realizing themselves and being what they want to be. She lived in an era when women were often only secretaries and assistants, and almost never took high posts and did not work in demanded areas by profession. "

Women got their votes

Meryl Streep, inspired by the idea of ​​the film, admitted that no one has the right to hide important information, and every person should have the opportunity to be heard:

"A lot of changes have begun to take place recently. The same applies to the infamous Hollywood scandals. This has been silent for too long. And, of course, this process can not be painless. The time when people began to acquire the right to vote, began just in the 60's. And I'm very glad that Steven Spielberg made a film about this period of our history. I hope that the current changes in the rights of women will affect not only the Hollywood environment. Women, at last, found their voices. You can not remain nice when such terrible things happen to you. I've supported journalists at one of the ceremonies of the Golden Globe, although the performance was very emotional. But I was wound up. You can not remain silent when our ideals try to trample down in the mud. I wanted to convey to people that we are all motivated by emotions. "
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Each role is a test

For each new role, the actress prepares with a special scrupulousness:

"At first I'm afraid, but in the end I realize and accept the role, as a fact. I am happy, because I have played so many beautiful roles. And every new work I have to prove my right to the next no less amazing and wonderful role. Work on each character is unique. It is necessary to understand and feel everything. Emotions are always the strongest, but they never repeat. Before this picture, I had never worked with Spielberg before. He's an excellent cinematographer! He understands everything, he himself makes up incredible moves, and almost never rehearses. At first, it even frightened me. But Tom was ready for everything, because he already knows everything. And it made me even worse. He just never was wrong, never! And in this film he was my boss and producer, and yet I'm older than him. And, despite the fact that Stephen has shot so many brilliant pictures, it is this film, one of the few where the story of this great woman is told. And I'm glad that I played this role. "