Plastic cornices

Cornice is a Greek word, which means an external or internal ledge on the facade of buildings, premises, furniture. To date, mankind has not come up with another, more universal and aesthetically acceptable way for fastening curtains over window and door openings.

Types of cornices

According to the variety of material from which curtain rods are made, they can be divided into plastic, wooden and aluminum. By the way, the type of attachment and the shape of the structure also directly depends on the type of material. In this article, we will discuss in more detail plastic curtain poles for curtains. They are also distinguished by the stiffness and density of the material.

The main feature of plastic curtain rails is the possibility of fixing them to the ceiling and dividing them into two-row and three-row. Due to this quality, these designs are in great demand with the modern consumer, since they introduce aesthetic originality into the interior design.

In addition, plastic wall cornices for curtains also come in a round classical shape. Such designs are very convenient to use for light curtains or tulle . Some do not really approve of the absence in the design of the window curtains unaccompanied by curtains from a denser fabric. At least because in that case there is no possibility to hide from prying eyes all that is happening in the apartment or house in the evening when the light is lit.

Plastic wall cornices do not close a number of varieties of decorative elements of window decoration. In the course of the current annual design practice, another original form and form was developed. These are plastic frame moldings. This design fits perfectly into both the modern and the orthodox classic style of the interior.