Essential oils from cellulite

Many women and girls suffer from cellulite today, and they do not necessarily have extra weight. Especially it is noticeable in the summer, when practically all parts of the body are bare. This problem brings to the beautiful half of humanity a lot of trouble and kills their confidence in themselves and in their own beauty. Fight this unpleasant phenomenon in several ways and one of them - massages with essential oils.

Essential oils from cellulite were used even in ancient times. With the help of oils, women retained their natural beauty and maintained health. Massages with essential oils are very pleasant, but require a lot of time. Nevertheless, this is worth it, because during such a procedure, metabolism is restored, blood supply improves, cells are cleared. Today you can find a lot of oils for massage. About which of them to prefer, it will go further.

Lemon essential oil from cellulite

Experts believe that the best with the "orange peel" are struggling just citrus essential oils, including lemon oil. That is why it is often used in the treatment of cellulite. Lemon oil perfectly burns fats, normalizes blood circulation, improves metabolism and makes skin as elastic as possible. Also, lemon oil is often used to remove scarring on the skin.

Grapefruit essential oil from cellulite

The use of grapefruit oil during massage is that it accelerates the flow of lymph and removes excess fluid from the body. Thanks to the release of cells from water, they normally eat, and accordingly, blood circulation is restored, which positively affects the general state of the body ..

Essential oil of orange against cellulite

Often during massage against cellulite, orange essential oil is used. It helps to effectively combat fat deposits and gives the skin a healthy appearance, making it as elastic as possible. This essential oil is great for inflamed, dry and cracked skin.

Mandarin oil from cellulite

To overcome the "orange peel" mandarin essential oil is often used in mixtures with other citrus oils. But at the same time it is not only an excellent anti-cellulite remedy, but it also perfectly fights stretch marks of the skin, and also prevents their appearance.

Peach oil from cellulite

Peach oil is usually used for deep anti-cellulite massage. To do this, it is often mixed with oils of grapefruit, mandarin and orange. Also, to give the skin elasticity and a beautiful appearance, peach oil can be mixed with oils of juniper, geranium, lavender, cypress and lemon.

Cinnamon essential oil from cellulite

Cinnamon oil is obtained from the bark of the evergreen Ceylon cinnamon tree. Due to its composition, it prevents the formation of cellulite, enhances the blood supply of organs, restores metabolism and the proper functioning of the digestive system.

All essential oils when combined with each other give excellent results. It should be remembered that in a pure form, it is forbidden to apply them to the body. It is best to use other essential oils with essential oils: apricot, olive, etc. Usually 10 drops of essential oil take 30 ml of fatty.

A mixture of essential oils against cellulite

As already mentioned, for better effect, essential oils must be combined. For example, an excellent anti-cellulite effect is a mixture of oils of lemon, fennel sweet, grapefruit, cypress and geranium mixed in equal proportions. Also, you can add honey to essential oils. For example, if in equal parts mix the oils of lavender, orange, juniper, lemon and add to them 2-3 teaspoons of the aforementioned beekeeping product, and massage this mixture of problem areas to form a white foamy mass, in a month you will forget about what is cellulite.