Sofa - dolphin mechanism

Folding sofas perfectly save space in the apartment and help with comfortable accommodation of guests. If you decide on the purchase of such furniture, then at first you may become confused by the number of different proposals that will differ between each other in design and layout. In this article, we will look in detail at a sofa bed with a dolphin mechanism.

What is this mechanism with such an unusual name? Its name has received this design, indeed thanks to an amazing and cheerful sea animal, gracefully jumping out of the water. The design of the sofa bed with the dolphin mechanism provides for the extension of the bottom drawer (imagine it is a small pond) and with the help of a special hinge lifting loop (and this is our dolphin jumping out of the water). Folding furniture with such a sliding mechanism is considered very comfortable and easy to use. However, when buying it, you should also pay attention to the quality of the assembly and materials. This is especially important if you plan to lay out a sofa bed with a dolphin mechanism every day. These simple manipulations on the layout should not cause you difficulties and excessive application of force. In addition, during the layout, the sofa should not make suspicious sounds.

Sofa-beds with a dolphin mechanism are of two types - angular and straight. Let us consider in more detail their design features.

Corner sofas with dolphin mechanism

It is in the design of corner sofas that the dolphin layout is most often used. Such furniture has a high degree of comfort and capacity. An angular sofa with a dolphin mechanism in its assembled form takes up little space. It is appropriate to decorate the interior of any living room, both large and small. The stationary part of this sofa - the seat will provide comfortable accommodation of guests for a pleasant conversation under a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and a sliding unit with a secret pillow will allow you to indulge in an excellent rest.

Direct sofas with a dolphin mechanism

The principle of operation of the dolphin mechanism in direct sofas is the same as for corner sofas. That is, it is built on the easy movement of the hinged wheels along the guides and the drawer of the drawer with a secret pillow. It is worth noting that, unlike the latter, direct sofas with the dolphin mechanism occupy even less space in the apartment. Such furniture has enough strong, wide and good mattresses, which provide durability and a normal, healthy sleep.