Style pop art in the interior - interesting and bold design solutions

Doing repairs to a house or apartment, you can choose any of the design solutions. However, if you are extravagant and venturesome, cheerful and active, like to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others, then you can be close to the style of pop art in the interior of your home.

Interior Design Pop Art

This outrageous interior style came to us from art galleries of the middle of the last century, and therefore has a more complete name - "popular art". For a long time he was not understood and not accepted in society. Initially, this direction assumed to use as an object of art the usual images and surrounding objects: advertising signs, portraits of famous people, newspaper extracts and even stickers on a bank of soup. Gradually pop art penetrated into the life of people in the form of paintings, sculptures.

Nowadays it can be found in textiles, on wallpaper, in the form of various stickers. Creating an interior design in the style of pop art, you should know some of its features:

Living room of pop art

Hall - this is the room for which this bright and outrageous style is most appropriate. Unusual and bold ideas that will surprise your guests can be used here. The walls in the living room can be painted in any light shade, and then zadekorirovat their favorite images, although you can immediately cover the surface of the paint with different colors. You can draw an accent wall with graffiti or paintings. Perfect for the interior of the living room posters pop art.

A multi-level ceiling of the original design will successfully emphasize the style of pop art in the interior of the apartment . For the floor glossy tiles are suitable. As furniture, you can choose a sofa with bright cushions and chairs rounded, a glass coffee table, a shelf of plastic. Curtains can have bright prints or a repeating pattern. The walls of the living room can be decorated with photos of famous people in the plastic framework.

Bedroom Pop Art

Not many people decide to design a bedroom in the style of pop art, because to combine the purpose of this room for relaxation with glamorous glamor is a complicated matter. Consider pop art in the interior, the features of which when designing the bedroom are somewhat peculiar. In order to smooth out the shocking, do not use a lot of different colors and shades, and it is better to create one, but more expressive.

Choose a light coffee wall decoration, a large poster of some celebrity, a bed with an ivory coverlet and an acid-green pillow. It can be any light tone in combination with the wallpaper in the cell. The gray background with a bright orange impregnation in the form of a bed cushion and a puffin looks fine. It is appropriate to be in the bedroom a round bed with bright pillows and original floor lamps. Creating a style of pop art in the interior of this room, remember that everything should be in moderation.

Hallway pop art in the interior

For the general background in the hallway, it is better not to use a white mark. Since stylish pop art in the interior welcomes the different tones for the design of the floor and walls, the area near the door can be decorated in a dark shade, and the rest of the room zadekorirovat at its discretion. Excellent will fit into the style of pop art wardrobe with mirrored doors. The walls are decorated with prints, posters and sketches.

Pop art in the interior of the kitchen

The style of pop art in the interior of the apartment combines bright acid colors, highlighting niches , ceiling, furniture, glossy surfaces. The walls of the kitchen can be different in texture and color. They are decorated with prints, drawings and other decorative elements. Lamps can be in the form of balls hanging on long cords.

Multifunctional kitchen furniture should have smooth glossy facades of bright colors: red, purple, salad, yellow. In the dining area of ​​the kitchen, pop art will be appropriate plastic table, although you can choose and glass on metal legs. Door lockers, interior doors and zonal partitions can have glass inserts.

Pop art in the interior of a child

Features of the style of pop art in the interior of the nursery - is the use of inexpensive furniture and materials, as well as bright colors. In this design of the child's room will be appropriate Spider-Man and Superman, Luntik and Fairy. As a background shade, it is better to use light colors, on which your child's favorite characters will look great, and the room will become simple and cozy.