The guards of Johnny Depp sued him

It seems that the litigation of 54-year-old Johnny Depp will not end! Bodyguards, demanding monetary compensation, accuse their former master of compromising and exploiting.

Legal action from ex-subordinates

On Tuesday, Johnny Depp, who had sued former wife Amber Hurd and still can not settle the dispute with his managers, became the defendant for another case.

Johnny Depp

Bodyguards actor named Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez, who provided his protection until January this year, complaining of unbearable conditions of work, complained about the ex-boss, whose reputation is already fairly spoiled scandalous divorce process with his ex-wife.

Johnny Depp together with his wife Amber Hurd in 2016

Sanchez, who worked for the actor for two years, and Arreola, who worked for Depp since 2007 and was close to his mother, said that in recent years, Johnny's behavior toward them and to his closest associates left much to be desired. At the same time, Eugene and Miguel do not keep evil on him, but intend to receive compensation for their suffering.

Claims of protection

According to Depp's bodyguards, instead of the promised schedule, they had an unnormalized working day for which they did not receive surcharges. In addition, they were forced to be nannies for the actor's children, fulfilling all the whims of spoiled Lily-Rose and John.

Johnny with the children of Lily-Rose and John and Amber Hurd

Allegedly because of Johnny they drove a car, which was not only alcohol, but drugs, breaking the law. Also, at the time of Depp's riot, they had to watch, so that he did not harm himself and cover his addiction to forbidden substances before strangers. For example, they repeatedly asked him to wipe off traces of drugs from his face before leaving the nightclub.

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Subordinates Johnny tried to rebel, but they were threatened with dismissal. As a result, they decided to leave, unable to withstand such a working environment.