The image of a woman in Chicago 30 years old

Today, the style of clothing, characteristic of Chicago in the 30s of the last century, is experiencing a "second youth". To create images in this style, fashion designers, organizers of thematic parties, and newlyweds planning "gangster" wedding resort. This original style of clothing, which originated in the 30's in Chicago, is characterized by an average length of dress that has lost sleeves, acquiring bold narrow straps, bare back, frank decollete and tight silhouette. It was during this period that the word "glamor" was used with regard to women's clothes.

Features of dresses in the Chicago style

If you imagine the image of a woman who, in one of the restaurants in Chicago 30 years, spends time in the company of her husband or lover, which is directly related to American gangsters, then its main dominant will be a dress. What are its features? Firstly, the dress in the style of Chicago 30 years has become much shorter, reaching the knees. It is worth noting that in the modern interpretation is allowed and ultrashort length. Secondly, the waist rose from the mid-thigh line almost to the usual position, which made the female silhouette more refined. Thirdly, thin straps appeared, allowing to bare the female shoulders and the decollete zone. Particular attention deserves cutting. Performed on a scythe, he beautifully outlines the female figure, making it even more attractive. This cut was often used for sewing evening outfits that are long before the ankle. By the way, in the evening dresses, Chicago ladies greeted the presence of a deep cutout, denuding the back. The dress was to fit tightly on the upper part of the body, extending from the hips downwards. Another distinctive feature of dresses in the style of Chicago is the visually expanded line of shoulders. This effect was achieved by neck scarves, stoles, scarves, assemblies and wings on the straps.

The most popular materials for sewing dresses in gangster style - it's satin, silk and chiffon, attracting attention with gloss and glitter, as well as velvet, which looks expensive and spectacular. By the way, expensive fabrics in the 30s were, rather, an exception, as the wealthiest social strata of American society suffered from the consequences of the Great Depression. However, thanks to paillettes, sequins, rhinestones, fringes and beads, dresses made from relatively inexpensive fabrics looked glamorous.

Periodically, the image of a woman of the 30s shows fashion houses. So, in 2012, the entire spring-summer collection, created by Ralph Lauren, was dedicated to gangster glamor. To create an image in the Chicago style, it is not necessary to purchase a new dress. If in your wardrobe there is a model of a tight silhouette with a low waist, it is enough to decorate the hem with fringe, and the décolleté zone with rhinestones. Adding sequins and matching accessories, you easily turn into the dream of an American gangster.

Accessories, makeup and hairstyles

An integral part of the female image of the 30s was a set of accessories consisting of shoes, gloves, bags and hats made in one color. The hat could be both miniature and wide-brimmed. Often, the hair was decorated with head bands with feathers, flowers or large brooches, inlaid with stones. The handbags of the Chicago women of fashion were a small rectangular envelope. Wore it usually under the armpit. In cool weather the image was supplemented with fur boas. By the way, artificial fur was not considered a sign of insolvency or lack of taste. Boas from artificial fur looked no worse than products made of fox or fox. A bow on his neck, stockings, a long mouthpiece, shoes with a rounded toe, a long string of beads tied with a knot under his chest, velvety or silken long gloves with a large bell - all these details served as finishing strokes of the image.

Make-up, which corresponds to the trends of Chicago in the 30s, is characterized by brightly outlined lips and blacked-out eyes against the background of bleached skin. The eyebrows should have been thin and clearly penciled in black. Creating an image in the Chicago style of 30 years, do not forget that the hairstyles must also match. The best solution is a short cut of the square or structural shiny curls, laid in waves.