Three-winged wardrobe

The first three-winged wardrobes began to be manufactured in the second half of the 18th century, and then it was furniture that only very rich people could afford. After all, it was made of valuable wood, encrusted with ivory and gems, decorated with intricate carvings. Now the three-winged wardrobe is a familiar detail of the furnishings of any apartment.

Three-winged wardrobe in the apartment

The popularity of this type of cabinet is determined by two main factors: the versatility of design, since such a piece of furniture will perfectly fit into the interior of any room, as well as its spaciousness. In a large three-winged wardrobe, a whole wardrobe of a person or even a family can easily fit.

There are several options for designing similar cabinets. First, they differ in the way they open the doors. A three-winged swinging cabinet is a model for rooms with quite impressive dimensions, since the doors opening outwards require a certain space in front of this furnishing item. Such cabinets are not installed in narrow corridors or small bathrooms.

For them, tricuspid wardrobes are more suitable, in which the doors travel in special guides with respect to the plane of the front wall of the cabinet. It has already become traditional that such tri-folded cabinets are equipped with a mirror, looking into which you can look yourself up and down. It is these closet options that are most conveniently installed in hallways so that you can once again be convinced of your own irresistibility before going out. Well, the three - winged wardrobe in the bedroom can easily accommodate all the necessary things. There are also corner tricuspid wardrobes, which are convenient to use when the room is unoccupied space in the corner, and the walls are made furniture.

The cabinets are also differentiated according to which types of shelves are used inside. And how they are configured. So, there are cabinets only with shelves, with shelves and rods for clothes, as well as tricuspid cupboards with boxes that have separate facades . You can even find cabinets in which the design provides for the presence of secret compartments.

If in addition to clothing you want to find a place for storing books, tapes, disks or other items, then it's worth looking at the three-winged cupboards with mezzanine, which has separate doors and is separated from the main space for the wardrobe.

Choice of a three-winged cabinet

Buying a tricuspid case, it is necessary, first of all, to study what material it is made of. Cabinets from chipboard - cheap enough, beautiful and durable, can have any texture and drawing, up to an image of heroes of fairy tales or books. Such tricuspid cupboards are usually made for children.

Three-winged wardrobe from MDF - more practical solution. The facades of such a cabinet can be simply painted. MDF - one of the modern materials for furniture production, which will serve you for many years.

A three-winged wardrobe made of solid wood is a choice of true connoisseurs of naturalness and rich texture of this material. Such a cupboard can become a real family heirloom, because wooden furniture can serve several generations of the family, keeping its beautiful appearance unchanged.

The second thing you should pay attention to when buying a three-section cabinet is its design. Today you can order a model that mimics any texture and painted in any color, but there are several options that fit into any interior. First, they are cabinets designed for wood or made of it and lacquered. Such an invoice will perfectly match any situation. Secondly, black or white tricuspid cupboards, as these colors are universal and are combined with any others.