Virtual sex - what is it and how to deal with it?

Why do we need virtual sex, if there are partners in real life? Are such intimate relationships a betrayal? These questions often arise on forums. What is Wirth, is it good or bad when this concept is used, and what variety does this intimacy give? Is it a departure from reality?

What is Wirth?

What does "Virt" mean? This is a reduction from the concept of "virtual", communication in online. We are not talking about email or social networking, discussing business or work topics, this term is used to describe conversations of a sexual plan or sex on the Internet through correspondence. There are even special Wirt-chats, where you can anonymously pick up a partner. Those who have tried this kind of intimacy, note that this is a great way to disconnect from real problems.

Virtual sex - psychology

As for virtual sex, opinions of psychologists are divided, but most consider it not a harmless entertainment. To date, there are 3 positions about the fact that sex in virtual reality is a form:

  1. Infidelity in modern interpretation.
  2. A dependency that can go into a nervous breakdown .
  3. Self-satisfaction, akin to masturbation.

Many confuse Wirth sex with viewing pornography, but the latter is more related to sexual fantasies. Wirth is one of the properties of sexuality, until a person gets too carried away by this, forgetting about real relationships. Some men try in this way to avoid betrayal to a constant partner in real life. There is no common opinion about the norm, but all psychologists agree that virtual sex more often than once a week is an alarming sign of a mental health disorder.

Virtual sex - is it treason?

Experts classify 5 behaviors when a person prefers virtual sex to a real action:

  1. Episodic attempts.
  2. Mutual Wirth is practiced for pleasure, without excitement, while there are real intimate relationships .
  3. Intimacy online becomes addiction.
  4. Pathology, until the severance of relationships with loved ones.
  5. The search for salvation from reality.

Psychologists believe that sex on the Internet remains a hobby, if a person:

Is virtual sex a betrayal? This question is asked today by men and women. According to psychologists, if this kind of intima becomes a dependence, down to pathology, then - yes, it can be considered an adulter. If these are occasional cases, they are defined as an unusual experience in an intimate life, many of which help to establish relationships with a real partner.

Wirth is bad or good?

Often, fans of virtual sex - teenagers or young people who play hormones, and find a partner does not give a lack of experience or shyness in communication. This hobby goes on with time, when real partners appear. Complicated with older people, participants from this contingent are those who have problems in the family or are unsuccessful in marriage. Entertaining in the virtual, such participants leave from the solution of the problem in real life, and this can lead to irreversible health consequences, both physical and mental.

To this kind of intima can not be bad or good, the main thing is not to replace the real relationship with virtual ones. In favor of sex in a virtual reality, practitioners give such arguments:

  1. You can not get HIV or another disease.
  2. Sexual distinctions are removed.
  3. The sexual tension is removed.
  4. Develops sexual fantasy and imagination.
  5. You can make love with several partners.
  6. Helps to get rid of shyness, gives an important experience.

Types of Wirth

Modern technologies and the availability of the Internet have created different types of Wirth and you can choose what you like:

  1. Chat rooms and sms. Partners describe their actions or a love game. To keep anonymity, experts advise creating separate accounts for such pastime.
  2. Virtual sex on the phone, IP-telephony. Communication takes place in the form of a conversation, suitable for partners with good diction.
  3. Webcams. This option is optimal for those who prefer action to conversation and are not shy of their body. You can configure two-way video.

The rules of virtual sex

As in any case, there are rules of Wirth that guarantee safety to the participants:

  1. Do not call the real name. Do not provide information on which you can find in real: address, phone, place of work.
  2. When using video chat, remove personal items.
  3. Talk with a partner that if you have discomfort, you have the right to interrupt the session without mutual accusations and offenses.

Where can I have virtual sex?

Where to practice virtual sex? This question often pops up on the forums, everyone wants to find a good, experienced partner, without unpleasant consequences in the form of blackmail or claims. Most of all, the chances for those who get acquainted in the sky, begins with pleasant compliments. For this purpose, there are special dating sites, where you can find a pair by specifying the search parameters. Those who are interested, you need to invite to chat online. Where to deal with the virtual house, you have to decide for yourself, the ideal option is a private room. You can use the bathroom.

How to engage in virtual sex?

Tips for beginners, how to deal with Wirth:

  1. Create an intimate atmosphere in the room: light candles, include soul music, you can drink some wine.
  2. Choose a partner, relying only on their own tastes. Experience shows that online sex will be more successful if the choice is made by a girl.
  3. Watch the words, so as not to offend the partner.
  4. Respond to the actions of a partner, do not forget about reciprocity, rewarding caresses in turn. When describing a partner, you can play with yourself.
  5. At the end of the session, be sure to say a nice compliment.

Virtual sex tricks

Many believe that online sex does not commit to anything, but it's far from the case. Sex Virt is a kind of a copy of the relationship in reality, beginning with the prelude and ending with the process. Those who chose sex by phone or SMS, it is necessary to expand the vocabulary, so that the descriptions of the activities were exciting and sounded beautiful. Girls are encouraged to practice, making the voice soft and sexy. Do not be shy of affectionate words. Preliminary it is necessary to get acquainted more closely, flirt. The simplest rules of virt-flirtation:

Not necessarily flirtation should flow into the intimacy, many keep a relationship at this stage for the sake of entertainment. You can communicate with several candidates at once, before making your choice. Sex in the virtual world, like in the real world, has its own techniques, which should not be forgotten:

  1. At the beginning of the contact, talk, discuss preferences and interests, make a small prelude.
  2. Do not discuss the dimensions, appearance and weight, this knocks down excitement.
  3. If video communication is provided, take care of the external sexual form. It is desirable, if the man first shows himself.
  4. Protect your contact with a special decryption program that deletes the chat history and blocks access to blackmailers.
  5. Communicate sincerely, try to learn the interlocutor, enjoy the conversation.
  6. If the interlocutor behaves suspiciously or rudely, it is better to immediately interrupt the session.
  7. It is less useful to use emoticons and conditional icons in the correspondence, the partner needs words more.

Devices for virtual sex

To have sex-contact online was comfortable, there are a variety of virtual sex toys. The most popular of them are:

  1. RealTouch . Adaptation without face and body, repeats the temperature of the skin and sensation at the touch, provides lubrication and preservation of the characteristic movements in an intimate act.
  2. Hello Touch . Special attachments on the fingers, replace the vibrator.
  3. Mojowijo . It consists of 2 parts: a vibrator for a woman and a vibratory ring for a man. The computer turns vibration into a signal and transmits from one toy to another.
  4. Little Chroma . A small, compact vibrator, it is convenient to take in trips.

How to diversify virtual sex?

Over time, you want diversity, then it is worth looking for a partner with a good imagination. A couple draws out sex that could be in real life: describe the actions, then - their feelings. To think up stories for virtual sex is easy, here are some tips from experienced practitioners:

  1. In the bath, you can describe how water flows through the body, caresses the hands, chest and other parts of the body.
  2. On the roof of the house: cool wind, passionate kisses, slow stripping.
  3. Walk in the woods, which ends with sex in a cozy clearing.
  4. Sex in a crowded place, office, on the seat of the car.

Is virtual sex dangerous?

With all the positive sides of online sex, do not forget about its dangerous moments:

  1. There may be psychological dependence , virtual sex is a disease if it begins to replace relationships in reality.
  2. A partner can record a session, and then use it for blackmail.
  3. There is a risk to run into a minor who has added himself age at acquaintance.
  4. Often, adolescents catch the contact of pedophiles, perverted sex can badly affect the psyche of an inexperienced teenager.