Pose "Tea bag"

Pose "Tea bag" is a kind of oral caresses. The name is directly related to the purpose of the process - to bring a man to "boil" by stimulating the testicles, which are associated with the sachets.

Pose in sex "A bag of tea"

This pose is designed exclusively for men, as a woman should do everything possible to give her partner pleasure. A distinctive feature is the stimulation of the testicles not only by the hands and mouth, but they can also touch the face and hair.

Possible variants of the "tea bag" pose:

  1. The girl lies down on the bed, and the man turns his back to her and kneels over her face. As a result, the testicles must be above the tongue of the lady.
  2. The girl kneels, and the man stands in front of her. She must lips and tongue "play" with the testicles. Hands can be further stimulated by a penis or ironed by a man's thighs.
  3. The partner lies on her back, and the girl is kneeling at his feet, facing him. In this pose passes oral sex .
  4. During ordinary sex, being on top of a girl, can stimulate the testicles with her hands. Such manipulations are also considered a kind of pose "A tea bag".

The technique of "tea ceremony" involves stimulation of the testicles with the help of hands, for example, you can put them in the hands and rub against each other. Give consent to a man carrying testicles on his face and hair, it will allow him to get incredible bliss. To get a guy you can tickle his tongue under the testicles. It is allowed to tender biting and tingling of the scrotum, but it is important not to overdo and do not cause pain. To forbidden actions also include strong contractions, twists and various sharp movements.

Remember that the most sensitive place for a man is a scrotum, so any kind of gentle manipulation in this area will give the chosen one pleasure.