Favorite poses of men

Men all over the world vote for diversity in bed, studying all available poses and practicing new types of sex. Among such a variety to choose the best is not easy, but it is possible, therefore it is interesting, what postures in bed for men are the most favorite, what do they like most in sex?

Favorite poses of men in sex

Of course, it can not be said that the following sexual poses will be the best for all men, but most consider them to be successful.

  1. Pose of a rider. What to do, men are visuals and just love to watch the seductive movements of the ladies' breasts during sex. Therefore, the variation of this position, when a woman is back to a man, is less popular among the stronger sex.
  2. In second place, oddly enough, is the missionary position. Whether our men are conservatives, or whether this is a manifestation of romance - poses face to face give visual contact and the opportunity to give caress to both partners.
  3. Positions "dog-like" are also incredibly popular among men. Full control over the situation, an attractive picture - all these make the "doggy style" poses favorite among most men.
  4. No less popular are the postures for oral sex - "69" or standing. Well, everything is clear - these positions are preferred by those men who like oral sex, and from him almost everyone is crazy.

What sex positions, such and nature

In any case, psychologists say that having found out what poses are corrected for men in bed, you can determine some of their features character.

So, lovers of "doggy" poses try to show their superiority over a woman, putting her on her knees, and preferring to all other positions, "spoons" of nature are vulnerable, putting relationships above all else. The connoisseurs of the missionary posture strive for a measured life, fearing change, but the "cat on the tree" (also called love in weight) is chosen by narcissists.

What poses like men according to statistics, you now know, but in most cases it is better to ask a specific man about his preferences than to recall the opinion of experts.