Wax for epilation

Wax hair removal , properly performed at home, allows you to achieve the same excellent result as when visiting the beauty salon. Wax for epilation comes in several forms. Let's try to find out which wax is better to do hair removal.

Types of wax for hair removal

The question is, what kind of wax for epilation is better, each woman decides for herself, based on her own ideas about the convenience of carrying out the procedure. The quality of the work, provided all recommendations are observed, are the same. You can use wax for hair removal in the following forms:

Deciding which wax is better to do epilation of deep bikini and other intimate areas, where the skin is particularly sensitive and tender, we advise you to listen to the recommendations of professionals. And cosmetologists offer at home conditions to apply for epilation (waxing) so-called warm wax which is in special cartridges. Although this cost is more expensive, but the procedure performed with it is the least painful.

What kind of wax in cartridges to choose for epilation?

Just want to warn: if you decide to use wax for epilation in cartridges, it is better to purchase special heaters. But you can also warm the cassette in hot water or a microwave oven. You should also prepare paper (fabric) strips to remove the wax at the end of the procedure. The working temperature of the material is 37 degrees. The design of the cartridge includes a roller that allows the wax to spread evenly over the skin surface without a special spatula. The device is made in such a way that the flow of the heated substance is excluded.


  1. Wax is applied to the feet, hands, back, chest, etc. roller in the direction of hair growth.
  2. On top of the applied material, paper is applied, while the strips are slightly pressed against the body.
  3. For some time the wax cools (but does not harden!).
  4. After the wax has cooled down, the overlaid paper is disrupted by sharp movements.

The most positive feedback from customers comes from the following companies:

  1. White-Line. The cosmetic product is available for different types of skin , including especially sensitive, and different hair structure. Wax for epilation contains pleasant aromatic additives (roses, raspberries, lemon, orchids, etc.).
  2. DepilProf. The waxy substance has a different structure and is intended to remove unwanted hair in different parts of the body. In addition, the funds of this firm can be applied differentially: for rare - thick, soft - hard, short - long hairs. If desired, you can choose flavored products. On sale there is a wax with a smell of coffee, chocolate, strawberries, roses, etc. Some types of wax additionally contain components that promote skin regeneration, have a softening effect, leveling skin irregularities.
  3. Depilflax. Applying this brand of means for waxing, you can get a wonderful result. The composition of Depilflax wax, in addition to beeswax, includes pine resin. Additional components - minerals, vegetable oils, algae, extracts plants, red wine help to make the skin supple, and give her the desired grooming.
  4. Yoko. A skin care product is available at a price, while the product is considered high quality. Waxes for Yoko epilation also differ in their flavors and are used for different types of skin. Especially popular are pink wax, designed to remove hair from sensitive skin, including bikini and underarms, as well as sugar wax, which is recommended for people with a tendency to allergies.