Which e-book is better?

More recently, the market has a gadget like an e-book . Thanks to this device you can put in your pocket a whole library. Also, it does not harm the environment, because for its creation do not use paper and ink, which are necessary for printing ordinary books.

The multifunctionality of models contributes to the popularity of such books, which allows not only reading text, but also using a dictaphone, mp3 player and video player. In this article, we will take a closer look at which e-books are the best and which firm-manufacturer has better recommended itself among buyers.

Which e-book should I choose?

Currently there are models with LCD screen and E-Ink electronic ink system, which have distinctive features.

E-lnk screens:

  1. Virtually does not harm the eyesight. Reading on such a display is similar to reading a regular page.
  2. Saving battery. The charge is consumed only while turning the page. You can read 25-30 books by charging only once.
  3. A wide viewing angle of 180 °, which makes browsing much more convenient.
  4. Absence of highlights. You can clearly see the lines even in bright sunshine.
  5. You can listen to music and view photos, but the quality will be low.
  6. No backlight display. Reading in the dark is possible only with an additional light source.
  7. The response time is from 50 ms, this affects the page turning speed.

LCD screens:

  1. Monochrome and color displays.
  2. Negatively affects the eyesight due to constant flicker, since the image is formed on the basis of the lumen of the matrix,
  3. The viewing angle is 1600. Most models have an anti-reflective coating.
  4. The battery charge is quickly consumed.
  5. Most LCD books have built-in lighting, so in the evening you can read without using an additional light source.
  6. Photo, video and music are played in good quality.
  7. The response time does not exceed 30 ms.
  8. The presence of a touch screen for easy navigation.

Also, when determining which screen is better for an electronic book, you should pay attention to its size. This parameter is one of the most important when choosing a model. The most optimal are such criteria: a diagonal device 5.6 inches with a screen resolution of 320x460 pixels. Also, there is an anti-reflective coating and a wide angle of view.

Which company to choose an e-book?

The most popular manufacturers of readers are: "PocketBook", "Wexler", "Barnes & Noble", "teXet".

  1. The company «PocketBook» produces the world's first dust and waterproof e-books, readers with a camera, and covers-covers. Models have already proven themselves in the market.
  2. "Wexler" produces wonderful e-books with tablet functions, it is convenient to read and use the Internet. You can download games and other applications.
  3. "Barnes & Noble" features a good touch screen and high ergonomics, and the ability is in read mode for 60 days without recharging. The size of the memory card does not affect the speed of operation. The device can, without blinking, turn the pages 80% smoother, compared to other electronic readers.
  4. "TeXet" is distinguished by the subtlety and ease of electronic books. With a 6-inch screen, the thickness of the model is only 8 mm and the weight is 141 g. The keys are located to the right of the display for easy flipping or changing the settings with the thumb of the same hand in which the device is located.

Choosing which e-book best suits you, and you will have the opportunity to quickly find all the novelties of the literature and start reading immediately after downloading the necessary book. It is worth noting that most e-books are often less than the cost of a library of printed analogues.