With what to wear a scythe - a selection of photos of stylish images with leather leather

In modern fashion, there are many trends that have migrated from past years. One of the most popular was a leather jacket with an oblique zipper. This clothing was originally considered an attribute of informal images of bikers, rockers, hippies. Today the stylish style can fairly be called universal. And the question of what to wear a scythe does not have an unambiguous answer.

With what to wear a woman to a drought?

The latest fashion trends have significantly influenced the appearance of the trendy jacket. If initially the frames of this style were specific, now fashion designers offer stylish alternatives to the material, length and finishing of products. In fashion, not only leather clothes, but also variations of suede and denim. Designers experiment with the breadth of the collar - from a laconic bench to a sweeping turndown. Traditional leather models are also presented with metal decoration, embossed patterns and quilted stitching, in lacquered design. But let's find out what to wear to a girl:

  1. With classic trousers . Due to the popularity of mixing directions in one image, a fashionable jacket can be safely worn with strict elegant trousers. And in this case the purely classical style and decisions of the shortened cut, narrowed trousers and other are actual.
  2. With leather pants . A win-win choice is a combination of outerwear with leather leggings or trousers. Here you can stand a monophonic ensemble or experiment with contrasts.
  3. With shorts . You can wear a jacket with an oblique clasp in a warm period. A stylish choice in this case will be shorts . Leather wide models or denim design are best suited.

Scythe with a dress

In modern fashion, disputes over the subject do not stop, can one wear a biker jacket in combination with a feminine element of the wardrobe. In fact, the answer depends entirely on the personal preferences of the fashionista. After all, the latest rules of fashion are based on experiments. Shortened outerwear perfectly complements the romantic style with a flying hem. The actual length here will be midi. It is not ruled out pleating or trimming on the edge. A women's leather jacket-leather jacket is stylish and suitable for tight fitting styles, and in this case, outerwear can be elongated.

Scythe with skirt

If your main goal is aimed at accentuation of originality and individual style in the image, then the ensemble of a stylish jacket and a beautiful skirt will be an excellent solution. Stylists suggest wearing a feminine element of the wardrobe, not only with leather models, but also with suede outerwear, which will further emphasize the romantic style. The female leather jacket looks great with lush and wide midi styles, straight and narrow mini, classic pencil and long maxi made of silk, chiffon and other flying fabrics. A stylish solution is to choose a skirt of contrasting colors.

Scythe with jeans

The most practical and universal choice for every day is ensemble with denim trousers and here the stylists do not put any frames in the choice of the style of trousers. Original and unusual leather jacket looks in combination with shortened models. Lovers of unbuttoned outerwear stylists recommend wearing jeans with a high waist. Female bows with a scythe may be bright. In this case, color and printed trousers are relevant. And fashionable boyfriends with holes and scuffs will always emphasize your uncommon style.

How to wear a scarf with a leather jacket?

A stylish addition to the fashionable outer clothing with oblique zipper is considered a scarf. This accessory not only helps to provide comfort and protection from the cold, but also emphasizes the individuality of the style and originality of the image. Stylists use dense wide models and light translucent additions, accentuating various directions in onions - kazhual , romantic and others. However, in the ensemble, the scab and scarf should be carefully experimented so that the appearance does not become aggressive. Let's consider the most popular ideas:

  1. How to wear a snore ? A fashionable one-piece scarf will stylishly complement everyday straight-bow. In this case, stylists offer to wear monochrome models as bright colors, and laconic shades. The originality in the design of the accessory can be a three-dimensional pattern or a large knit.
  2. How to wear a long scarf ? Overweight models are better to be worn several turns around the neck. The ends can simply be released on the chest or tied in an interesting knot.
  3. How to wear a handkerchief ? This kind of scarf will always add femininity and romanticism to the image. The scarf can be worn only on the neck at an angle forward or cover their head, which will perfectly replace the headgear.

Shoes under the coat

An important choice in the form of a jacket on an oblique fastener is the choice of completion. Considering the versatility of outerwear, stylists supplement fashion combinations with both classical footwear and comfortable crocheted styles. Often, just the completion and sets the basic style of the bow. And the most relevant shoes for women's shoes are represented by such solutions:

  1. A scythe with sneakers . Sports shoes should not be professional for training. Suitable sneakers on the platform, with fur, summer models. The scythe can be worn with sneakers, slip-ons, creepers and any other styles in a sporty style.
  2. With what to wear a scythe - shoes with heels . Brutality and determination of appearance will add high hairpins. Boots, ankle boots, or thin-heeled boats are best worn in an ensemble with tight jeans or leggings. Stylists supplement fashionable jacket and wide stable shoes in combination with the platform.
  3. With what to wear a crochet - the style of grunge . Ideal for biker jacket is a grunge style footwear - with a wide ankle or ankle, on the tractor sole, with lacing and rivets.

Images with a leather jacket

The combination with a popular outerwear item can be very different - from the everyday style of kazhual to romantic notes and even evening ensembles. Due to the wide variety of finishes, color solutions, cut features and material selection, a fashionable women's jacket has become a must have in the wardrobe of modern women of fashion. Let's see the most common bows:

  1. A burgundy black leather jacket . Very beautiful and unusual look models in a saturated dark shade of red. Suede products are especially popular. Stylists suggest wearing a burgundy braid with romantic skirts, tight skinny jeans and classic shoes.
  2. With what to wear quilted leather ? The leather model stitched with many stitches will stylishly complement the casual dress or classic trousers. Finish such a bow with a leather jacket is better with shoes on the heel that covers the ankle.
  3. With what to wear a black leather coat ? Fashion trend of the latest collections are models of silver shade. Gold coloring is considered less popular. The metallic glitter of the outer clothing perfectly complements the glamorous or club style with a transparent blouse, platform shoes, spectacles in a futuristic frame.

Pink leather jacket

Fashionable outerwear is popular and in pastel colors. One of the most stylish solutions was the pink range. Any shade - crimson, peach, айвори , candy is actual. Such an element in the image will always emphasize its tenderness and romanticism. Therefore, in the question of what to wear pink robe, the stylists recommend giving preference to feminine and graceful outfits. For casual socks, short pants, light blouses and tunics, broad skirts of moderate length, tight dresses are perfect. Finish such a combination of neat shoes of neutral or pink color.

Black leather jacket

The most common are models of dark classical color. This solution is universal for any style. Black female leather jacket will perfectly complement the bright bow with red dress, yellow skirt, blue trousers and other contrasting clothes. The dark shade looks good and with prints. Do not forget about the relevance of total look. The ideal choice in this case will be leather trousers and coarse shoes. However, you can pick up items in the wardrobe in black from textiles, suede, wool and any other fabrics. Monochrome dark bows always look elegant and visually slender.

Blue Scythe

Another popular solution for pastel colors is a light heavenly shade. However, unlike pink blue can not only add romanticism, but also rigor. Popular and youth bows with a crook of heavenly color. Stylists suggest wearing a bright jacket with jeans and white sneakers. Delicate shades look better with feminine flying skirts and a long dress. Grace add the image of an elongated white tunic, peeping out from under the outer clothing. Complete this combination with neat sandals on the heel of full color.

White Scythe

Light shade of the classical scale is as versatile as black, but less practical. Therefore, such models are more often found in strict business bows. Women's white suede will perfectly complement the classic trousers and laconic ankle boots with heels or wedges. Dilute the severity of such an image will help a bright handbag or clutch, a handkerchief around his neck or a contrasting thin belt. White outerwear can be worn in monochrome bows. If the light model is supplemented with holographic shine, then it is perfect for club style.

Green leather jacket

One of the most unusual and original design solutions for a jacket with a slanting clasp is a green color scheme. For decisive fashionistas designers offer bright and rich colors. For a more restrained style, a deep shade of emerald or light olive is suitable. The green female plait will be the main accent if it is supplemented with clothes of black or white color. To create a bright bow, add a floral print or contrasting elements of blue, red, yellow to the mix. In the green coloring, both leather and textile products look very beautiful.