Grunge style - a selection of the most fashionable images

The outrageous style of grunge can be called original, because it easily combines elements of many fashion trends, catchy, massive accessories and extraordinary hairstyles. Harmonious combinations allow you to create a well-groomed and unique bow.

Grunge style 2017

Originating in the last decade of the twentieth century, the modern style of grunge in clothes of 2017 is manifested in the combination of the carelessness of hippies, hard metal rock, romanticism of vintage, minimalism of software, the severity of military and the restrained brilliance of glamor, although it appeared in opposition to the latter. He became one of the favorite "outfits" of mega stars and firmly entered the everyday urban —Āasual. He has dark and light colors, natural fabrics, muted prints and a cage. The basis of the "classic" style is grunge - denim and leather.

"Rwanki" and shabby jeans look great with blouses-corsets, T-shirts, T-shirts and jackets, and dresses-T-shirts with a casual abstraction and skeleton patterns-with shoes, socks, whole and gaunt dark or tie pantyhose. Successfully complement the youth ensembles with diverse accessories:

Grunge style in clothes

Nontrivial grunge style in clothes for women constantly breaks all stereotypes and traditions, does not have strict age limits and allows you to combine exactly the opposite things, with one but. We decided to experiment with the images - do not take the literal translation of "grange" (rubbish, mud) as a guide to action. Full freedom and comfort together with absolute well-groomedness is the main rule when creating bows in this style.

The multilayered female "outfits" are looked for, in which the selected items are more restrained than the outfits of a rebellious youth, but all are sustained in a single composition. Excellent solutions for young women of fashion:

Dress in grunge style

Along with the traditional "grandmother's dresses", the newfashioned grunge dresses presented on the catwalk shows of many brands become a bright and worthy alternative to boring everyday solutions - the style of neo-grunge. In the trend: a cage, fringe, inscriptions, dresses, T-shirts and multi-layered outfits, consisting of sundresses, worn on T-shirts and T-shirts, jackets, cardigans and raincoats over dresses.

Style glamor grunge. Leading fashion designers once again proved that super strict rules in the style of grunge does not exist and brilliantly complemented it with elements of glamor, doing what was considered unacceptable. Great solutions from the young American brand GEORGINE deserve attention. Well, who will not be allowed to come to work in an informal office in a black and white Midi set, a party in a dress-case or a dark guipure mini, or choose a wedding dress from Daria Karlozi for herself?

Grunge skirt

True fans of this area know that another basic detail - the grunge skirt can be not only "old" denim and cotton, but also leather, velvet, wool, and sewn from chiffon and crepe de chine. How do you suit a genuine leather and a combination of velvet with an elongated leather jacket and tights? Impressive, as well as ensembles consisting of a white blouse or black turtleneck and midi skirts in a Scottish cage, supplemented in the first case with a blue bag and a dark hat, and in the second - a leather jacket and an average "baul" in the tone of the top.

Very convenient in everyday life are the summer multilayer maxi skirts made of lightweight fabrics in combination with t-shirts and voluminous not hot sweaters, such outfits perfectly hide the small errors of the figure. A special refinement of the grunge style is emphasized by the bohemian and brand suits of mini-skirts and T-shirts, and the white bottom and black top, tall dark leggings and shoes in addition with a printed bag are almost a "classic" image.

Jeans in the style of grunge

It is indisputable that ragged grunge style jeans were taken out of American streets to the world level, becoming fond of their unusual nature of rebellious youth. In the trend:

The style of grunge in clothes for girls and women is represented by hit ensembles:

Grunge Shoes

A distinctive feature in various stylized bows is "old" leather boots in grunge style with laces and zippers (camellots, grinders), steady boots and military boots, "men's" shoes at low speed and massive soles. Comfortable versatile summer and winter shoes, and, not necessarily dark and oppressive shades. In warm weather, eclecticism allows you to pick up sandals, as on an average, high heel, and on a thin platform.

Grunge Shoes

Ornaments in the style of grunge

Traditional additions. The grunge style for women makes certain requirements for the choice of jewelry. Tribute to hippies and hard rock - multi-layer accessories made of stones, metal and leather: wide and narrow bracelets, often with studs and rivets, massive certain rings and chains with pendants. Do you like grunge style? You will get a screaming costume jewelry, several rings on one finger or the whole hand in bracelets. Here the choice depends only on personal preferences.

How to wear accessories that are peculiar to grunge style?

  1. At the same time, wear all the jewelry.
  2. Chains on the neck in several rows and chokers .
  3. Do not forget about the cap, hat, hat and sunglasses.
  4. Pick up the appropriate backpack, a "giant" bag or a clutch.
Ornaments in the style of grunge

Hairstyle in grunge style

Penultimate touches. Under the definition of hairstyle in the style of grunge, an expression in an indirect sense will approach: "I washed my head for the night, but I did not forget to comb in the morning."

  1. Always in the trend and consistent with the chosen direction of the natural "promiscuity" of the hair, slightly careless braids and tails.
  1. New trends - asymmetric packing with the effect of a shaved temple on long and short hair, feathers, partial and full varicoloured.
Hairstyle in grunge style
  1. Holiday images - hairstyles in the style of rockabilly, extraordinary naches, voluminous chic and stylish curls.

Makeup in grunge style

Concluding strokes. Makeup and manicure in the style of grunge can be made not only in the generally accepted dark tones, but also in hit digressions from the canons, clearly and harmoniously intertwined in the overall "outfit". The grunge style in make-up manifests itself in two mutually exclusive ways:

  1. Natural minimalism, which uses light shades, slightly corrective face, a pencil for eye color and lipstick neutral tones, or lip gloss without mother-of-pearl, or the complete absence of any make-up.
  1. Complex smoky eyes or light variations, saturated shades of lipsticks. To choose a palette of shadows follows according to the type, a shade of a skin and color of eyes. Beige is suitable for almost everyone.

As for the design of nails, the classics of the genre in manicure are black, dark gray and rich red without patterns, and allowable deviations are modern shades and non-vegetative prints, a combination with gold, relief and geometric metal ornaments, dark jacket and "broken glass ".

Manicure in grunge style

Images in grunge style

What do the perfect city bows look like in grunge in the cold season? Free coats, coats, ponchos and jackets, special chic - fur coats. Hats, warm high boots and coarse boots, addition to the image - long scarves and shawls, shirts tied at the hips or waist. An interesting option in light gray colors in combination with a brown knitted hat and bag in the tone of shoes.

Spring-summer grunge style: