Working pensioners

It is not at all surprising that today in our country there are so many working pensioners. Unfortunately, the size of pensions is not always able to meet all the needs of a person. Therefore, many retirees try to stay at their former place of work, at least for a part-time job or they are looking for a new job.

Working pensioners are citizens who receive a pension by age, but at the same time have a job and receive wages. At the same time they are entitled to some benefits to working pensioners, and there is also a special law on working pensioners, which determines the amount of pensions and wages. Let's look at whether retirees can work according to the current legislation, how and where to work for a pensioner, in order to increase their income beyond retirement.

Rights of a working pensioner

The rights of a working pensioner determine whether it is possible to work for pensioners, and also on what conditions the payments of pensions and wages will be made.

  1. Achieving a person of retirement age does not mean his immediate dismissal from work. To dismiss a working pensioner is possible only on general grounds according to the Labor Code.
  2. Payments of pensions to working pensioners are made without any restrictions.
  3. A person who has reached retirement age can retire from work due to retirement.
  4. A pensioner can get a job without any restrictions, employment is determined by an employment contract.
  5. A pensioner can also work part-time.
  6. Leave to working pensioners is provided annually and paid.
  7. The sick working pensioners are paid on general terms, without any restrictions.

Recalculation of pensions and benefits

Among the benefits provided to this category of citizens, there is also an additional pension to working pensioners. In order to receive this allowance, as well as the entire amount due for payment, it is necessary to know how the pension is recounted to working pensioners. Recalculation of pensions is made each time when a new subsistence level is established, starting from the day of its approval. The pension is recalculated according to the amount of wages. Allowances and social surcharges to pensions are withdrawn if the pensioner is employed. Recalculation of pension to working pensioners is made after dismissal on the basis of the size of the subsistence minimum.

Separately it is necessary to say about scientific pensions. Citizens who work in the field of education, who have reached retirement age and continue to work, are paid a special scientific pension. Usually the amount of such a pension is about 80% of the salary that a researcher received before retirement. There are also additional payments to the pension for the length of the scientific work, for the degree and title, etc.

Benefits for working pensioners have their own characteristics. Basically, these are benefits common to all categories of workers who have reached retirement age. Benefits for pensioners can be established not only at the national level, but also at the level of local governments.

  1. Pensioners are exempted from paying taxes on land, buildings or premises.
  2. Pensioners have the right to free travel on public transport.
  3. Working pensioners have the right to additional leave without pay for up to 14 calendar days per year.
  4. Pensioners have the right to be served in those outpatient clinics in which they were registered during work.
  5. Advantages in the appointment of spa treatment.
  6. Priority service in medical institutions, at hospitalization.