Arrangement by May 9 in the kindergarten

Pay attention to patriotic education is necessary from an early age. Therefore, usually in pre-school institutions, various events are held, timed to coincide with Victory Day. Often there are exhibitions of thematic handicrafts that children are invited to make with their parents. Mom would like to prepare something original, because they are trying hard to find new ideas. You can consider several interesting options for crafts by May 9 in children. garden.

Products from salted dough

Make an article from such a material will be a great idea, especially for the youngest. The child will be interested in tinkering with the test, in addition, the very process of work presents no difficulties. Mom enough to mix 1 cup of flour and small salt, add 5 tbsp. a spoonful of oil and a little water and stir the resulting mixture carefully. To add color to the dough, add gouache or food coloring.

With the help of molds, you can make asterisks, pigeons. With such work will cope, even the children of 3 years. Older children will be able to fashion something themselves, for example, an order or some composition from a test.

Paper handicrafts by May 9 in kindergarten

Paper is a simple and accessible material for creativity, besides, many interesting products can be made from it:

  1. Carnation. This flower is one of the important attributes of the Victory Day. With the children of the senior preschool age, you can try making a carnation from corrugated paper, you can also use napkins.
  2. Dove. It is known that this bird symbolizes the world. Therefore, very useful will make a paper dove. You can cut out pieces of white paper, glue the figure, attach a stick to it. Such an original decoration will be an excellent addition to a bouquet of flowers or simply a decor. You can offer the child to decorate the pigeon pattern with pieces of napkins. The product will turn out to be gentle and airy, besides it is very simple. Also the children will be interested in making a dove in origami technique.
  3. Doctor, soldier. Figures of these characters can be cut out of cardboard and give the child to paint with paints or markers, pencils. You can also perform in the origami technique. Such crafts by the Victory Day in the kindergarten will be an excellent decoration of the premises.
  4. Star. This is another symbol of the holiday. You can cut out a star from cardboard and let the child paint it, and also decorate it to your taste. Beautifully look at such products, in the center of which is pasted a regular disk.

Other ideas

There are other options for crafts in the garden by May 9. For example, you can make an application using paper, napkins, cardboard, plasticine, cereals and even pasta. You can do the job in quilling technique, of course, with such a product, a young child can not cope. Fit and effective look voluminous applications.

You can perform a panel on a military topic. It will become a beautiful decoration of the room, and it can also be given to a veteran.

Together with the daddy, the child can make a three-dimensional model of a tank or an airplane made of cardboard. However, for the manufacture of toy military equipment it is interesting to use improvised means. For example, for the basis of an airplane, you can take an iron jar from a drink. The tank of matches will look great. It can also be done by gluing a cardboard box with paper, and from a plastic bottle it is worth trying to make a submarine.

Excellent, if the whole family participates in the preparation of crafts in the garden on the Victory Day. Work on the product can be accompanied by a story about the war, a useful conversation. In addition, it's a great way to spend time in the evening or on the day off.