Bar counter in the kitchen

To date, there are many different design solutions in the design of a dwelling. One of the innovations that came to us from the west is the bar counter in the kitchen. Initially, such racks were used in restaurants in the west and were directly connected with the famous fast food. In the modern interior, they have acquired other colors and are now used as a complementary part of the kitchen design and have their own characteristics.

Types of bar counters for the kitchen and their features

The most common are corner kitchens that have a bar counter. It serves as a workplace and has additional three-sided work surfaces. A small kitchen with a bar counter is a very advantageous solution, because it is a significant saving of space. It will be very advantageous to look along the wall and embody any fashionable idea. The length of the rack may be different, but not farther than the middle of the kitchen. There are different number of racks: folding, folding, transformers, retractable, folding.

The bar counter for the kitchen can be made from various materials and replace the dining table. Today you can see a lot of design solutions in the design of kitchen racks, which can be based on decorative tables with doors made of stained glass.

Kitchen living rooms with a bar counter are very common, because it's a great way to make borders or zones, while using the stand not only as a decorative element. In a large kitchen area it is necessary to provide for a stand-alone rack.

The kitchen studio can also be equipped with a bar counter with the presence of built-in lockers or other appliances. It can have a place for installing household appliances or a refrigerator. Practically each rack can be equipped with various shelves, hangings for wine glasses and cornices with decorative lighting. This will not only be a convenient and additional place for placing dishes, but also decorate the interior.

Kitchen interior with breakfast bar

Orientation to the overall design and stylistic design of the kitchen will help you choose the right bar. This can be done independently or refer to professionals who will be able to choose different options for any style. Classical cuisine will look great with any bar. Its placement can be different: in the middle or near the wall.

For the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style it is necessary to choose the characteristic features of the bar with rounded shapes and maximum functionality. If you skillfully choose the material, design and color, then the presence of the rack will be the highlight of the kitchen. To the kitchen with a bar counter looked not only fashionable and exquisite, but also was the most comfortable, think about the options for placing racks: near the wall; an island in the middle of the room.

White kitchen with a bar counter can be decorated in the style of fusion, high-tech, classic or Scandinavian. Here, glass parts are inherent: doors, handles. You can add additional colors by using textiles, flowers, paintings. Very relevant and fashionable can be a game of black and white tones, the location of tiles on the floor in a checkerboard pattern and other design solutions that will make your kitchen unusual.

Kitchen-dining room with a bar counter can have different stylistic variations. As the seats are suitable chairs on high legs, stools with running boards and armrests. Using this convenient, fashionable and multifunctional device in your kitchen you will make it original and modern.