Boxes for storing toys - a pledge of order in the children's room!

Modern boxes for storing toys have a beautiful design and have high functionality. Young mothers do not have to invent where to put the numerous treasures of their babies daily, if the house has a children's chest of drawers, a chest, an ottoman, a sofa or another stylish thing with roomy inner compartments.

Kinds of boxes for toys

It is useless to scold your heirs, trying to teach them to order, if there is no special furniture in the room, where you can comfortably dispose of a variety of children's things. We often take care of buying a comfortable crib, sofa, study table or computer, but forget to install in the room, even a simple large box for storing toys. Modern varieties of such adaptations are original and stylish, often disguised as usual furniture, do not stand out in the interior with unusual appearance or wide dimensions.

Common ways of storing children's toys:

Box for toys on wheels

The main thing is the difference between a modern box for toys on wheels from simple boxes or large baskets - mobility. It is easy to move around the room during cleaning, without scratching the laminate or other delicate cover, without loading your back and hands. A teenager can roll the storage from the corner to the center of the room on his own using a container with personal treasures during his fun. Tare of polymers is cheaper, looks more modern. The tree is heavier than plastic, but it is more durable and it makes it possible to make such home adaptations from improvised means.

Box-padded for toys

Poof has significant advantages over trunks and boxes, performing several functions. The original box for children's toys with a seat is able to replace in the home portable chairs or stools. Its owners can relieve space and save on the purchase of additional pieces of furniture, which is extremely important with a modest size of the bedroom for the child.

The boxes for toys "Machine" for boys are in high demand. They are terribly popular with younger children for the reason that it is convenient to use them in active entertainment. It is advisable to choose stylish design products, firmly assembled, guaranteed to withstand a weight of up to 70 kg, with practical leather lining or wear-resistant fabric.

Pull-out drawers for toys

Drawers for storing toys of sliding type are used on shelves, in lockers, chests of drawers, tables, in some types of built-in furniture. A large number of modern models of beds or sofas for adults and children have drawers. Here you can store both linen and small things baby - boxes with designers, board games, soft toys. In the most inaccessible departments we put things that the child uses least often.

When planning the location of objects in the room, do not forget about security measures. A high rack with toy boxes for a child is less uncomfortable. If the cabinet in the room has a large height, then personal items of children lay out in the compartments located on the lower tiers. Choose furniture functional and reliable, so that the boxes are pulled out without effort and do not jam.

Box-bench for toys

The arrangement of a storage system inside other furniture is a useful thing for a children's bedroom. For example, a box-bench for toys, installed under the window, will help to easily equip a cozy place for rest. Excellent, when it will be equipped inside with retractable containers, capable of sliding along the guide rails. Another popular option is a bench with a folding seat. When buying such boxes for storing toys, be sure to take care of the child's safety in order to avoid injury when closing the compartment lid.

Sofa-box for toys

In this case, it's not about the sofas with the unfolding mechanism "dolphin" or "accordion" , but about toy furniture for babies, capable of playing the role of a kind of trunk. Bright and attractive products made of polymers, even with dimensions of 80x50 cm have a weight of only 5-6 kg, which makes them mobile and easy to use. Buying a box for children's toys in the form of a sofa made of high-quality polymers, make sure that he can withstand the weight of the child without breaking down during innocent fun.

Drawer-table for toys

A folding table-container is another useful object, combining several important household functions. He can easily replace the standard large toy box, serve as a place for study and many children's games in the form of numerous board games. There are many interesting models, radically different in appearance, material and design features.

Now in a fashion composite children's boxes-tables from plastic, as much as possible adapted for employment with the designer LEGO. Strong transparent plastic, from which the containers are made, looks stylish and allows you to quickly find the missing parts for assembly. Tables with boxes of chipboard, MDF or wood are more expensive, but more durable in operation, they can be successfully used for studying in junior classes.

Plastic boxes for toys

The most affordable and cheap - plastic boxes for toys, made in the form of boxes and baskets of bright and attractive-looking material. It is better to purchase for the house not single specimens, but functional sets, which can be assembled together into a single structure if desired. Composite chests or shelves, assembled from modules, easily change in shape, disassemble and move around the apartment. Each box individually can be used in games, taken out on the street along with the objects stored inside, it is not rigidly connected to the frame mechanisms or loops.

Children's wooden toys boxes

Now wood is valued highly, factory wooden toys boxes with a lid or hull made entirely of natural material are rare. You can easily create excellent containers in the nursery, using used containers or boards. Even a bright coloration or a small decoration in the form of an original inscription, made in large letters, completely transforms the old unpretentious box. Do not forget to clean the burrs, tightly grind the details, deeply heat the hats of self-tapping screws and nails so that the child does not get hurt.

Box for toys made of plywood

Plywood for a common man has become more accessible than boards. This material is easy to buy in construction shops and to be disintegrated on the part with the help of a household jig saw or a hacksaw. You can take a cut from the Internet or come up with your own drawings, inventing the original box for toys with a lid. To make this thing does not require the complex skills of a professional carpenter. Necessarily we cut out hand holes in the walls, if possible, then we fasten small wheels to the bottom part to facilitate transportation of the box around the apartment.

Box for toys made of cloth

Mistresses who want to finally put things in order in the nursery, it is not necessary to persuade their spouses to flee to the workshop and take up a plane with a hacksaw. Women are able to make a convenient box for storing small toys from leatherette and fabric. There are lots of options for how to accomplish this task. It is interesting to look at textile pockets suspended to the wall or to the furniture facades. Often they are not placed one by one, but stand in horizontal or vertical rows, forming interesting compositions.

Floor containers can be made in the form of soft pouffes, sacks, buckets, boxes, giving them a variety of shapes. A smart box for toys "Masha and the Bear", "Winnie the Pooh", "Mickey Mouse" or "Tom and Jerry" children will like more than a gray and unsightly bag. If the hostess of the house performs a beautiful embroidery or applique on the fabric, then a luxurious interior decoration of the children's bedroom will turn out, which her kids will be more willing to use in their games.