Swedish interior design - how to apply?

Swedish interior design is laconic in its essence, it uses the minimum amount of bright tones. Characterized by bright walls, wooden furniture, small floor mats, decorative pillows and bedspreads, paintings on the walls, painted outdoor vases, and also - minimalism and simplicity.

Swedish Interior Apartment

Swedish interior design does not require intricate elements, appearing in cold countries, it embodies comfort and warmth. The main color is the colors in pastel colors, light shades of terracotta, yellow and milky, pale pink colors. For finishing the floor, a light parquet board, laminate or ceramic tiles are used, furniture is selected from natural light wood, window openings of large sizes with curtains on them from light fabric or blinds are welcome.

The Swedish interior of a small apartment is based on the functionality of the dwelling, it is one of the best for the spatial arrangement of small apartments. One of the tricks of the design may be the presence of a podium, which will divide the space into zones and create an additional niche for storing small items. Traditional attributes of Scandinavian style are open shelves for storing books , personal items, decor items, transforming furniture, sliding bar counter, the basic requirement is a minimum of necessary furniture.

Swedish style in the interior of the living room

Swedish wallpaper in the interior is applied light colors with a delicate pattern - this is the trend of the season, their design forms the style of the room. For production only environmentally friendly, selective materials are used, they are the highlight of the interior, have their own artistic features, are made by hand. They are pasted as a whole room, and used in the form of inserts, their texture and unique decor are harmonious and unique.

The Swedish style in the design of apartments is rather a concept that includes the organization of space with elements of country , minimalism , modernity , the most important rule of which is a principled approach to the use of a certain color range and light. Scandinavian interior design does not need expensive materials, it is economical, it is traditionally used for plastering, painting, wallpapering, the main thing is that the surfaces are smooth.

Interior of Swedish cuisine

Residents of the Scandinavian countries love order, tend to lay out everything on the shelves, so their kitchens are stylish, cozy, original and comfortable. Instead of pendant lockers, open shelves are often used, it is not acceptable to use plastic, exclusively natural wood, stone. The design of the Swedish cuisine is based on light colors, modesty and strictness of the lines, it does not allow curly, curved legs and pretentious designs, practicality and functionality in the first place, the interior and decor of the kitchen is less important.

Interior of the Swedish bedrooms

As mentioned above, a bright palette is welcomed, mainly white for walls and bright, decorative accessories and elements. Fashionable and popular are the Swedish wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom, they are practical, have a variety of colors and patterns, are used to decorate the bedroom with an accent wall, combined with pastel tones. The bed serves as the center of the bedroom, ideally - if it is made of solid wood , chests of drawers, bedside tables, soft ottomans are appropriate in the bedroom. For Swedish interior design, use mirrors, a chandelier with a small lampshade.

Swedish minimalism in the interior is simple and cozy, devoid of pathos, it is suitable as a dwelling, decorated in the traditional style, and in the avant-garde. The basis of the style is some severity, but at the same time the apartment is in order, calm and comfortable. This style assumes the apartment has free space, it promotes a sense of lightness, light and individuality.