Clothes for running in the winter - how to dress, what do you need for a winter run?

Lovers of sports and in the winter season do not give up their hobbies. To be in shape and feel great, you need to play sports regardless of the weather, but in the cold it will require special equipment. Clothing for running in winter, too, must meet certain requirements, so that it was as comfortable and convenient as possible.

How to dress for running in winter - rules

Clothing for running in autumn and winter must comply with certain rules established by physicians and instructors of exercise therapy. It should not be too hot or cold, - such products should help maintain the optimum temperature regime. In addition, they should not impede movement or cause discomfort, in such items the wardrobe should be as comfortable as possible in any situation.

Women's clothing for running in winter must meet the following requirements:

Running in winter - how to dress?

Girls who choose to run in the winter on the street as a sport and active leisure should carefully consider their costume, including footwear and accessories. Wardrobe items designed for this kind of work should be warm and comfortable. In addition, every modern lady wants them to look stylish and attractive.

Suit for running in winter

The most popular option is a tracksuit for running in the winter. This product is specially designed for outdoor activities in the winter, so when making it, all important factors and nuances are taken into account. So, in most cases, such suits are moisture and windproof, so they effectively protect their possessor from hypothermia during rain, strong wind or wet snow.

Jacket for running in winter

Clothing for running in winter should include a jacket, which, however, should not be too warm. Categorically do not fit down products, models with fur trim, blown jackets and so on. Optimal choice is the windbreaker for running in winter, which has a detachable lining of fleece or polartek. With relatively warm weather, it is better to do without this part and put it on only when the temperature in the street drops below zero degrees.

Trousers for running in winter

Running pants always have only one layer. Their main task is not to warm up, but to protect the lower limbs from moisture, wind and precipitation. Since the legs make repeated active movements, they independently produce heat and do not require significant warming. For this reason, sports wear for running in the winter should not be too thick or warm, however, it must necessarily be treated with special impregnations.

Thermal underwear for running in winter

Protective equipment for running in winter must necessarily include thermal underwear, in most cases consisting of two items. This kit is made of synthetic materials that warm the torso and legs at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and retain heat for a very long time. Since the thermal underwear is intended for really cold weather, at an air temperature above zero degrees it can cause increased sweating, so it should be worn only in frost.

Accessories for running in winter

For those representatives of the fair sex who like running in the winter, clothing should be crucial. Nevertheless, the thermal characteristics and properties of the costume depend not only on it. So, girls and women must choose the right accessories to protect themselves from hypothermia of the head, hands, neck and other parts of the body.

Mask for running in winter

During the distance in frosty weather, the head and face are very cold. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear a special mask, which was called "balaclava." This object is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known ski mask, which leaves only the eyes or a small surface of the face open. As a rule, a balaclava for running in the winter is made of fleece and wool - its inner surface, immediately adjacent to the skin of the face and head, is made of soft and cozy material, and the outer one - from wool threads, which protects against frost.

Gloves for running in winter

In the list of what you need to run in the winter, you must always enter warm gloves. Otherwise, there is a high probability of frostbitten fingers, which are very susceptible to hypothermia. The choice of these accessories depends on weather conditions. So, for frosty days, mittens or mittens from sheep's wool that do not have separate compartments for each finger are best, and in rainy or windy weather it is correct to choose gloves with a warming and insulating layer.

Glasses for running in winter

Winter jogging can take place in any weather, including, and then, when it's snowing on the street. Large or small flakes during running can get into the eyes, causing severe discomfort and greatly impairing visibility. To avoid this, the eyes need to be protected with special glasses. It is best to choose models with dark or blue glasses - they do not irritate the eyes and give the runner peace and tranquility.

Socks for running in winter

Many women who prefer to run in the winter, equipment is the most warm and thick. For example, some young ladies wear woolen "grandmother's" socks during classes. In fact, this is a serious mistake. Specialists have long developed special models of socks for athletics, which are made of semi-synthetic materials, easily pass air and allow the skin of your feet to breathe.

In addition, all specialized clothing for running in the winter, including, and socks should not have seams. This eliminates the possibility of skin irritation and minimizes possible discomfort. Running socks should additionally have a strengthening in the heel and toe region, a ribbed sole to improve contact with the shoes and an increased height, due to which they reliably protect the ankles and ankles.

A hat for running in the winter

All clothing for winter runs should be warm, but at the same time thin and light. The same applies to accessories. So, for such pastime, heavy headgear decorated with fur, leather or pompoms is strictly not suitable. Textured products of large mating will also be inappropriate - no one will pay attention to their beauty, and during active movements they can cause discomfort.

An ideal option for cold days is a light and elastic fleece hat . This little thing perfectly preserves heat, does not squeeze the scalp and easily removes moisture from it, so that the runner feels comfortable. Meanwhile, in the coldest days, when the temperature of the air in the street drops below -10 degrees Celsius, and the icy wind blows in your face, it is better to give preference to the balaclava - it will simply not be possible to run in an ordinary cap.

Scarf for running in winter is also necessary. Meanwhile, the usual knitted horizontal strips in this case are not suitable. Such items, especially long ones, can interfere with active movements and even cause injury. Today, in stores selling clothes for running in the winter, many special neck warmers are made of wool or fleece that successfully replace scarves, perfectly warm the neck area and, moreover, can be used as additional protection for the face.