Dolce Gabbana Intense

If you are looking for a solemn, luxurious fragrance, then you should definitely try Dolce Gabbana Intense. Of course, this fragrance will not suit all the girls, but many will help to become even more self-confident and attractive.

Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme Intense - perfume composition

The fragrance appeared in 2013 and many women immediately fell in love. It belongs to the oriental flower group, in the compositional pyramid it is not hard to hear such notes:

Perfume combines citrus, floral and powder blotches, it has a deep and sweet smell, holds for a long time. It can also be called delicious, but not cloying, rich, but harmonious. By the way, some ladies compare this perfume with Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme, but note that Intense is more languid, viscous and resistant.

Women's perfume Dolce Gabbana Intense - who is suitable?

This name is fully justified by the spirits; they reflect the intense feelings, the strong character of their possessor. This fragrance will appeal to women who love life in all its manifestations, adoring public events - it does not matter whether they are friendly meetings or club parties. Perfume Dolce Gabbana Intense created for the purposeful, cheerful, courageous representatives of the fair sex. They give an inner sense of inimitability, which, probably, is absolutely necessary for every woman.