Original umbrellas

No autumn season has ever been done without a stylish umbrella. This accessory is simply necessary not only to protect from the weather, but also as a way to stand out from the others and be individual . That's why the stylists propose to give preference to the original models of umbrellas. After all, being different is like a fashionable decision today.

Women's original umbrellas

Today, to emphasize the originality of its choice can be through coloring, model, shape and overall design in general. In any case, stylists insist on the most unconventional and extraordinary solutions. After all, such umbrellas will not only make the whole image interesting, but also raise the mood, dilute the gloom of the season and attract the attention of others. Let's see what women's umbrellas are considered to be the most original.

Original umbrellas-canes . If you prefer a less compact, but elegant accessory, the elegant canes are exactly what you are looking for. Today, a popular and at the same time convenient model is an umbrella with "eyes". This accessory is supplemented with a transparent insert on the dome in the form of glasses. At the same time, the top is deep enough that it covers the body well from the rain and allows you to look at the road through the window. Do not forget that the cane does not fold into the purse. And in order not to feel uncomfortable at the time of the useless umbrella, designers offer a stylish model on wheels. Also original will be the choice of an accessory with an invisible pattern. Such umbrellas are presented in monochromatic coloring, and when wet, a beautiful pattern appears.

Original folding umbrellas . If your choice is an automatic or any other foldable accessory, then the original model will be a hat. This umbrella is convenient in that it completely frees hands. Popular today is an accessory for two, allowing couples, even in the rain, not to part and spend time together on the street. To ensure that your shoes do not wear out faster than their time, and also do not lose the appearance, the designers come up with interesting umbrellas that are worn directly on the shoes. Agree, this decision will be unconditionally original.

Umbrellas of the original form . To draw attention to your unusual accessory, you can also choose a model of non-standard form. The most popular today are an umbrella-heart, a cloud, and also a variant in the form of a raincoat covering the body to the mid-thigh area.