Dress-shirt is a hit of this season!

For every woman of fashion one of the key things of the spring-summer wardrobe will be a universal dress-shirt. Here you have a practical shirt, and a feminine dress in one bottle. It's a sin not to use it, but because this outfit can be safely put on both work and a walk with your loved one.

Dress-shirt 2017

Fashionable dresses of a shirt 2017 are models from denim, a clap, silk and jersey. These are interesting color combinations, duets of dresses and trousers, an impressive asymmetrical cut, a one-shoulder dress shirt. And the real trend of this year was snow-white clothes that will appeal to girls with any color appearance and figure. After all, this dress is a true embodiment of elegance. It's simple and very fashionable.

A long or short sleeve, fitted style or model oversize - on fashion weeks the podiums were filled with elegant outfits. Let it give the impression that dress-shirt is not a remarkable clothing, but in the fashion there is a minimum of decorative elements and a maximum of simple details. The spring-summer collection of the luxe-brand Altuzarra was replenished with a model of aquamarine color from the green cloth. The designers of the brand believe that in any dress the woman should look modern and seductive. Looking at this beauty, you understand that they managed to achieve this.

The leader of the collection was not only the majestic aquamarine, but also the snake print. The dress-shirt with the length of midi has an interesting highlight - the red lace hem of the hem. And the designers of the youth brand DKNY decided to focus on the futuristic theme, presenting the world with unusual over-dresses with asymmetric cut. Decoration of the summer collection of 2017 of the new fashionable brand Monse, led by the graduates of Oscar de la Renta , became a white and blue dress-shirt with a line of buttons on its side. Especially it was made not only by a fantastic cut, but also by a scarlet wide belt.

Fashion dress-shirts

A stylish dress-shirt or, as it is also called, a whisper, was once invented by the creator of a little black dress, the legendary Coco Chanel . A large part of modern models still feel retro notes. These are clothes for those who adore minimalism, simplicity and things that do not restrict movement. The top of fashionable Olympus was conquered by the following dress in the form of a shirt:

Fashion dress-shirts
Stylish dress-shirts

Denim dress shirt

Women's dress-shirt from denim has not lost its popularity for several seasons in a row. Interestingly, a couple of years ago it was made popular by the editor of British Vogue Alex Chang, once appeared in it at a social event. And to become a star of street-style, it's important not to forget about fashionable combinations. Remember that to along with denim almost do not need ornaments. Put on your favorite flesh-colored shoes and choose a handbag for it.

The dress-stylish shirt is perfectly combined not only with shoes on a flat sole (sneakers, sandals, ballet shoes and other), but also with elegant sandals on a thin strap. A wide-brimmed straw hat will become a perfect complement to the romantic image. The long dress-shirt looks great with light sports shoes and felt hats.

Denim dress is suitable not only for meetings with friends and gatherings in a cafe. Adding it with an elegant neck scarf, contrast strap and sandals on the platform, you can safely go on a romantic date, being completely confident in your own attractiveness. Create a business look, giving preference to a straight knee length style. Stress the waist with a wide strap, the color of which coincides with the color range of the boats on the middle heel.

Dress-shirt with lace

Summer dress shirt, decorated with openwork elements, in a moment will give an image of romance, tenderness and lightness. This can be a black chiffon outfit with guipure inserts located in juicy places (Michael Kors collection) and a lacy dress with Peter Pen collar and a tie on a zipper (British brand Jessica Wright).

If you are crazy about lace clothing, then be sure to try on a dress-fashionable shirt with pleats and a pointed collar (ASOS). A red bow with sparkles will give him a little bit of charm. Do not forget that the tracery outfits do not need massive jewelry - this clothing is already an ornament of the image. The dress of the brand Vila is sure to come to the taste of lovers of urban and street style. Cotton beauty with flared sleeves, decorated with translucent lace inserts, is what you need for a hot summer.

The style of "flying" and pleating is now more fashionable than ever. These trends are best emphasized by femininity. Do you like clothes with vintage elements? Then you will like a sleeveless shirtless dress with a V-shaped openwork from Glamorous. And Vero Moda, known for its collections of luxury clothes, has replenished the fashionable ruler with a dress with a pleated skirt.

Dress-shirt with embroidery

White dress-shirt looks special, if it is decorated with unusual embroidery. With her, any clothes look unique. If you consider that now on top of the popularity of the dress, embroidered with embroidered floral motifs, then in such clothes, you will become the focus of attention at any party. Vero Moda, Glamorous, House of Holland, Unique 21 and many others have replenished their stocks with stylish outfits with elegant embroidery.

Dress-shirt with embroidery
Original dress-shirt with embroidery

Dress-shirt with open shoulders

Beautiful dresses-shirts do not have to have a strict style, be completely closed. Clothes that bare their shoulders, always bring in look piquant sexual notes, giving the beauty of charm and attractiveness . Is it possible not to fall in love with asymmetrical striped attire from Lavish Alice, known for its original creations and laconic color scheme? What about a luxurious dress with open shoulders from Miss Selfridge? JDY knows how to create trendy things, and a vivid proof of this - clothes in a stylish small strip.

Dress-shirt with open shoulders
Fashionable dress-shirt with open shoulders

Dress-shirt without sleeves

Red, blue, white, black dress-shirt or any other color without sleeves should be chosen, starting from the type of figure:

  1. "Rectangle" suitable light colors of direct cut. The length should be just above the knee. Pay attention to the shirt dress in a black and white cage from JDY or the light blue creation of the brand Only.
  2. "Sand cup" is recommended to emphasize feminine forms with the help of fitted silhouettes up to the knee or slightly lower (a tea claret dress with a belt from ASOS or a fitted model with ruffles from Closet).
  3. "Triangle" and "apple" is to try on a spacious dress without a girdle. Avoid large patterns, cages and horizontal stripes (military-style clothes from Vero Moda or flared dress with prints from Alice & You).
Dress-shirt without sleeves
Stylish dress-sleeveless shirts

Dress-shirt with a lush skirt

Dresses-shirts for the summer do not necessarily have to be a fitted style. Tenderness and flirtatiousness to any outfit will give a dress with a lush skirt. The charming duchess of Cambridge Keith Middleton in the wardrobe has many similar midi-length outfits. In them she always looks elegant, sensual and feminine. Putting on the shirt beauty with a lush skirt, you will feel stylish and attractive.

Dress-shirt with a lush skirt
Fashionable dress-shirt with a lush skirt

Long dress-shirt in the floor

Dress-shirt in the floor, if you pick up the right shoes and accessories, will be an excellent option for a romantic date or a trip to the solemn event. So, give an image of refinement, wearing a sandal on high heels or shoes with a hairpin. The clutch must match the color of the shoe. Ideal if the latter is beige or black. Bright colors are welcome only when they look harmonious with the shade of the outfit.

Long dress-shirt in the floor
Original long dress-shirt in the floor

Dress-shirt for complete

Dress-shirts for full women should be selected according to the following tips of stylists:

Dress-shirt for complete
Dress-shirt for full girls

With what to wear a dress shirt?

In the cold season, give preference to clothes made from warm materials. Supplement your outfit with stylish boots and pantyhose with a pattern. This element of wardrobe is knee-length and straight style is perfectly combined with leggings, trousers. This includes a dress shirt with jeans. Do not forget to emphasize the waistline contrasting or matched to the tone along with the strap.

Fashionable images with a dress-shirt
Dress-shirt in a stylish bow

What kind of shoes to wear a dress shirt?

Shoes under the dress-shirt should be chosen, based on what image you intend to create. Could this be a strict business look? In this case, appropriate black or nude shoes , sandals on a thin strap. Adore practical casual style? Then you will like to combine this dress with loffers, sneakers or ballet. Crazy about bohemian chutz (boho-chic) ​​in outfit? Try on a gentle dress with comfortable sandals.

Stylish under the dress-shirt
Fashionable bows with a dress shirt