Fashionable jeans 2017 - which jeans will be in fashion in the new year?

In a modern wardrobe of any girl you can find trousers made of denim, not just one pair, but several for all occasions, seasons and moods. Everyone loves an item of clothing is so practical and relevant in any season, that without it simply can not do. Designers present fashionable jeans 2017 in different versions of models.

What are the women's jeans in fashion in 2017?

Almost 150 years of denim is the leader in sales in all countries. Classic denim has a dark blue indigo color, a dense and practical non-stretch material, but modern fashion has a wide range of both fabrics and models. Holders of any type of figure will be able to find a favorite cut and silhouette for themselves. Fashionable women's jeans 2017 are represented by such styles:

Jeans Flare 2017

Model klesh for many seasons has its fans. It gained popularity in the 1970s and is still relevant. The cliche changed over time, and more restrained styles came to replace the extreme and complex cut, but the silhouette remains the same. Jeans flared in 2017 is characterized by the presence of the following details:

  1. Covered from the line of the knees, this model fits all. For practical purposes, such products are chosen by women who want to hide the fullness of calves. Fashionable jeans of 2017 perfectly cope with similar aesthetic problems, thanks to the flared bottom, the line of legs and hips looks thinner. In recent years, this model has gained popularity because of the large number of followers of the ethnic style of Boho, where flared styles are very popular.
  2. Models of jeans 2017 are sometimes supplemented with strictly ironed or stitched arrows from the belt line.

Jeans bananas 2017

Bananas were very popular in the 1980s. In cut they are a product with an overstated waist. Each trouser is cut in an arc, the same shape resembles a banana - wide at the hips and narrowed downwards. Women's jeans 2017 have such distinctive features:

Ragged jeans 2017

The peak of popularity for products, supplemented by a ragged decor, fell slightly, but they still remain in the trend. In the fashion, even the most extreme options. Women's ragged jeans 2017, regardless of cut, can have torn parts that are located in the area of ​​the knees, hips and lower leg. Most often this way only the front part of the jeans is processed, as well as the back pockets. The practicality of such a model is minimal, but any existing pair can be changed into an ultra-trendy thing. Well combined with T-shirts, sneakers or sandals on thin buckles.

Jeans boyfriends 2017

For a couple of years, boyfriends have gained incredible popularity among girls. This style has an almost classic straight man's cut, hence their name. Jeans 2017 have such characteristic features:

Jeans skinnery 2017

For almost 10 years skins have not gone from the fashion podiums, store shelves and boutiques. In 2017, they cease to be popular, but still remain the model preferred in everyday wear. They got their name from the English word skin, which means "skin", because of their tight fit, like the second skin, they began to be so called.

Fashionable jeans for girls 2017 can be both with a low waist, so have an average landing. The thing sits well on a lean figure with slender legs. Girls, whose parameters do not fit into some features of the skin, can not wear them because of uncomfortable planting. Almost always they are sewn from denim with the addition of elastane, providing a better fit and comfort in the sock.

Jeans varenki 2017

Varenki - a reference to the 1980-ies, at that time was fashionable brightened denim, which began to come from abroad. But not everyone had the opportunity to purchase it, so the existing dark blue items were boiled in the bleach to get such an effect.

Now the clarified jeans are a trend of 2017, moreover, the fabric of such coloring is applicable to almost any cut, except for some models. Varenkami can be skinny, boyfriends , bananas and just products of the classic cut.

Jeans with high waist 2017

Already for several seasons is extremely fashionable is an overstated waist. For a long time, such a cut simply ceased to be relevant, although very much liked the planting and corresponded to the features of the figure. Jeans with an overstated waist 2017 - a style that is at the peak of popularity. This fit is suitable for almost any individual features of the figure, it can hide shortcomings and emphasize dignity. Fashion includes an exaggerated high landing, reaching the waist line and even a little higher.

Women's wide jeans 2017

The fashion of this year is extremely diverse. Any representative of the fair sex can profitably present the features of her appearance and express an individual style . This can be done not only with the help of things that fit around the figure, but also having a free tailoring. Wide stylish jeans 2017 are presented in such variations:

Fashionable colors of jeans 2017

In 2017, the fashionable color of denim will vary, not only classical shades, but also colored and pastel colors will become fashionable. You can highlight such colors, which will be at the peak of popularity:

Jeans for Full Women 2017

Women of the "plus" size in 2017 can easily find suitable models for themselves. To hide some of the shortcomings of the figure, designers recommend that the full ladies choose such fashionable models of jeans 2017:

With what to wear jeans 2017?

Practically any variant of styles can be designated as a universal thing in the wardrobe, which can be combined with any clothing. A fashion image with jeans 2017 is recommended to be created taking into account their specific features: