Who are swingers - the pros and cons of such relationships

The intimate sphere allows for various experiments that allow partners to have fun. Sometimes the desire to try something new in sex leads to the fact that there are more than two people in bed. This situation is called swing.

What is swing?

If you look at the official terminology, then swing is usually called a one-time or an irregular exchange of partners between couples in order to enter into an intimate relationship . This category includes situations where there is a couple and a guy or girl in one bed. Many people confuse the concept of swing in sex and group coition, because these concepts are similar, and in the first case everything happens by agreement of participants, and everyone explains what sexual actions can be applied to him and which ones are not.

Discussing the topic - who are swingers, it should be pointed out that there are several formats of such relations. Soft swing implies that other partners are involved only in the prelude, which sometimes includes oral sex, but vaginal penetration is excluded. Such innovations add spice to the union. Closed swing means that new couples have sex apart from each other. The next type is an open swing, in which participants have sex in one room or bed, and it includes orgies.

Swing - what kind of relationship?

Couples who decide on intimate relationships with the participation of other partners argue that they want to experience new sensations and give the same feelings to their half. They also say that swing helps them achieve harmony. Many lovers of such sexual experiments are bisexual. Swinger pairs believe that intimacy with other partners is for them a stage in the development of their own family relationships. They become more open with each other and do not restrain their feelings and desires, which in ordinary pairs often becomes the cause of conflict.

The life of swingers

There is a certain basis, which should be taken into account, so that the swingers' lifestyle does not cause a break. It is important to always take into account that the spouse is in the first place, and the new partners are only participants in the game. Without observing this rule, the basic game character of such intimate contact is lost. To understand who swingers are, it is necessary to take into account that such relations are based on specific rules:

  1. Do not try to get into other relationships and even more so destroy the marriage.
  2. It is important to follow all the rules of meetings and inform in advance about possible changes.
  3. Family swingers should not exert any pressure on their partner.
  4. The first meeting is an introductory meeting, and if necessary, do not be afraid to object to the conditions.
  5. It is always necessary to protect the anonymity of swingers without revealing their names.
  6. It is important to adhere to the rules of hygiene and appearance.
  7. Swingers can establish for themselves individual rules of conduct, that is, what is acceptable and what is not. With experience, the list of rules can be changed.
  8. It is important to learn to accept rejection and not consider it an insult.

Swing - the pros and cons

Psychologists say that harmony in sexual relations is an important part of marriage, without which a crisis sets in. As a variation, some couples decide to attract other participants to their own bed. Many note the significant, in their opinion, advantage that a loved one will not want to change on the side, as he gets everything together with his second half.

It is important to understand that by swapping partners, swingers are on the edge and the result from such an experiment can be of two options. In the first case, the relationship can change for the better, and in the second case, the feelings disappear and the couple part. The disadvantages of swing can be attributed to the fact that sometimes the desire to search for thrills leads to the fact that there will be a constant change of partners, which will negatively affect family relations.

Swing as a mental disorder

All people can be divided into three groups: those who are "for" sexual experiments, those who are neutral to them and those who consider it a mental disorder. There is an opinion that lovers of swing do not experience feelings of jealousy, love and self-worth and they are motivated only by the desire of animal sex. The lovers of such pleasure consider themselves normal, indicating their openness and lack of fear.

How to become a swinger?

If a person has a desire to try to have sex with another person, then first you need to talk with your spouse in order to take into account the pros and cons, and avoid negative consequences. Not everyone is able to observe normally how a loved one has sex with another partner. For example, you can use the stories of other swingers, read relevant literature and watch the video. Real swingers build their relationships on the basis of freedom of action, full of trust and honesty.

If the couple decided to experiment, then it is necessary to look for suitable partners. This can be done with the help of special-purpose websites or you can become a member of swinger clubs. After a suitable pair is found, it is necessary to agree on a meeting where it will be possible to specify all the details and determine the rules for sexual contacts.