Czech Breweries

Czech Republic has long been famous for its unsurpassed in quality hop drink - beer. In addition to the famous plants, there are numerous small breweries supplying beer to surrounding villages and small restaurants.

The most famous breweries in the Czech Republic

Going on a tour of the Czech Republic, it's worth to visit the big beer factories - tasting their product and making your own opinion about local beer. Many sightseeing agencies will show on the map the famous Czech breweries and make excellent beer tours that will bring a lot of pleasant moments to tourists:

  1. Brewery Gambrinus in the Czech Republic invites guests to the country for an exciting excursion . Its history is about 200 years. During this time, the intoxicating product was perfected, and today the company produces several dozen varieties of popular beer.
  2. The Krusovice beer factory is very small. However, despite its modest size, it produces a huge amount of beer. Once the brewery owned the royal court, so that its history dates back to ancient times.
  3. Brewery Velkopopovitsky Goat was established in the Czech Republic not so long ago. The beer of this trademark is quite popular because of its cheapness both in the country and abroad.
  4. The Prostejov brewery in the Czech Republic is not as well known as, for example, Staropramen , but this does not make their products worse. This beer is much more popular in the Czech Republic, as it does not go on export in large quantities.
  5. Zhatetsky goose . Beer, produced at this plant, has a unique taste and recipes, passed from generation to generation. The excursion here includes a visit to the factory and monitoring of all the stages of the production of the intoxicating drink.
  6. Staropramen . This beer is known, perhaps, even to those who are not his fan. For more than 150 years the brewery has been successfully producing one of the most popular beer products in the country and abroad.
  7. It's a mountain . Beer with an ancient history, started back in 1298, produces both light and dark beer. It is noteworthy that the excursion here does not include the tasting of a foamy drink.
  8. Chrysanthemum . The drink of this brand, known for 200 years, is successfully sold today. In production, both new and old technologies are used.
  9. Brewery of the Břevnov Monastery . If you think that the monastery was created only for prayers, then you are mistaken. In this Czech monastery monks have long been brewing beer on a unique recipe. Now the process is set to a high pace, and the drink is considered one of the most delicious in this region.

Breweries in the Czech Republic - this is a long history of brewing with its secrets of production and original varieties. Due to their variety, beer tourism in the country is gaining momentum and is popular not less than gastronomic. Come to the Czech Republic and see for yourself!