Hairstyles at the prom with your own hands

One of the most exciting events in the life of a young girl is graduation. Evening dress , high-heeled shoes, professional make-up - everything is of great importance, because this event not only symbolizes the graduation of the school, but also the transition to an adult, independent life. No less important is the hair styling. You can sign up for a master or choose a hairstyle at the prom yourself. In the latter case, you are guaranteed to create the desired image, in harmony with the outfit, save time and money.

Light hairstyles at the prom

First of all, we must remember that no matter how fast growing up, it is necessary to emphasize the beauty and romanticism of youth, so hair styling should not turn a girl into a woman.

Before you make a hairstyle at the prom, look at your type and facial features, assess what can be emphasized, and what's important to hide.

The most simple, but fashionable, as well as the ideal styling for this evening are:

Consider the latter option, since it is easiest to perform.

How to make hairstyles on the prom?

Of course, the first time it can not work, so practice in the styling and experiment with the image for a few days before the event.

Master class hairstyles at the prom:

  1. Clean dry hair thoroughly comb and pull out with a hairdryer or ironing, sprinkle with enough lacquer for styling.
  2. Divide the strands into 2 parts: the lower part (with the locks on the sides) and the upper part (approximately in the middle of the head).
  3. Fix the bottom half with a barrette or elastic band, gently comb the upper part with a comb with sparse teeth. Do not forget to leave the superfine thin layer of hair untouched.
  4. Exactly comb the strand, which covers the received hair loss so that it is not visible, but the volume is preserved.
  5. Fix the stacking with the invisible sides.
  6. Handle with a persistent varnish a hairdress, slightly smoothen it with your hands in the direction from the ears to the crown.

The described styling can vary depending on the flight of your imagination. This hairstyle looks great with ribbons, rim, pearls and rhinestones, bows. In addition, it can be decorated with flowers and feathers, twist the tips or paint them in any color.