Halloween costume for boys own hands

Children like to surprise and shock others. A great opportunity for this can be Halloween, if you make a suit for the holiday with your own hands for boys. To begin with, it is necessary to think over the details to the smallest detail, in order to understand if there is enough power to implement the project.

Suits made by themselves for Halloween, both for teenage boys and for babies, will require some materials - fabrics or old unnecessary clothes, various special effects devices and fabrications of the manufacturer. Let's find out how to put it all into practice.

Skeleton Costume for a Halloween Boy

  1. To make a simple outfit you will need an old black sports suit.
  2. Cut out the bones of the skeleton from paper or other suitable dense material.
  3. This will be a stencil.
  4. Now you need any paint. If it glows in the dark - it's great.
  5. We put a stencil tightly on the fabric and spray the paint from the can.
  6. That's what happened in the end.

Suit of a man without a head

On Halloween for boys abroad often make awesome children's costumes.

  1. To make such it is simple. To do this, you need a backpack stuffed with a sintepon garbage bag with newspapers and cellophane, gloves, a large plastic can, and an old unnecessary coat.
  2. We put the backpack on the boy's back and fill it with paper or sintepon.
  3. It was my turn to put on my coat. We do it in an original way - the neck should not be in the neck, but between the buttons. After that, we pin the sleeve with a pin.
  4. Fill a place above the backpack with bags or paper.
  5. Cut the jar in half, leave a hole for air and put it on your head, attach a glove from below, which will seem to support the head.
  6. Will remain stiff to the collar of a coat and a man without a head can go on holiday.