HCG when doubled

Pregnancy is happiness for every woman, and a "double" pregnancy is a double happiness. And, of course, I would like to know in advance what to prepare, because often twins are born before the due date, and care for the two kids is somewhat more complicated. In order to determine twins in the early stages of pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of the hormone hCG. As practice shows, hCG at double is twice as high as usual.

HCG - hormone of pregnancy

The chorionic gonadotropin, namely so correctly called this mysterious hormone, begins to be developed almost immediately after conception. It is on the determination of his level in urine that all home pregnancy tests are based . With each passing day hCG continues to grow, doubling about every 2-3 days. This process lasts until 11 weeks - then the growth of hCG stops, and the level of the hormone begins to decrease.

Level of hCG in double

The pregnancy of twins is a real miracle, and probably the expectant mother herself suspects that she has more than one child, and two children. In the early stages, when it is still unclear on ultrasound, it is possible to determine the multiple pregnancy by the growth and indices of hCG, which are characteristic of double.

In order to know what kind of HCG should be when you double, as a rule, the norm for usual pregnancy should be multiplied by 2. It is logical, because you have two kids, which means that the hormone of the placenta will allocate twice as much. Below is the table of the dynamics of the hormone for a single-pregnancy pregnancy - increase the result by 2 times and get the hCG rate when doubled.

1-2 weeks 25-156 mU / ml
2-3 week 100-4900 IU / ml
3-4 weeks 1110-31500 mU / ml
4-5 weeks 2600-82300 mU / ml
5-6 weeks ble> 23100-150000 mU / ml
6-7 weeks 27300-233000 IU / ml
7-11 days 20900-291000 IU / ml

The table of hCG in double is relative, because one pregnancy is completely different from the other, and even more so when you are waiting for twins. But if your hormone levels are doubled and continue to grow, then the probability of multiple pregnancy is almost 100%. HCG in pregnancy twins is growing, as in the ordinary, with only one difference - its constant rate is 2 times higher.

HCG at double after IVF

As a rule, the level of the hormone hCG after extracorporeal fertilization, even in singleton pregnancy is slightly higher than when conceived naturally. This is explained by the fact that before ECO hormonal therapy is carried out in order to prepare the mother's organism as much as possible for the fetal growth.

The frequency of pregnancy twins or triplets after IVF is much higher than in normal fertilization. The fact is that several embryos are planted in the uterus to get the result, counting on the fact that at least one, but will get accustomed. As a result, every fourth procedure ends with a multiple pregnancy.

Identifying twins with in vitro fertilization is a little more difficult, since the level of hCG itself is higher norms. But if the hormone index exceeds the norm by a factor of 1.5-2, then still be ready to become the mother of two, or even three kids.

Dynamics of hCG in double

In order to determine twins in early pregnancy, the dynamics of hCG are studied. As a rule, if the doctor suspects a multiple pregnancy, the hCG test is administered several times with a periodicity of 3-4 days. The study of hCG by days and weeks in a double is a normal phenomenon, which in no way should frighten you. Such a method is practically the only, and most important, effective way to determine a multiple pregnancy at an early stage.