How to lubricate skis?

Nowadays, sports and an active lifestyle are becoming more popular. Particularly strong interest in sports manifests itself in us during the period of significant sporting events. Now there is an increase in the popularity of winter sports. And this is not surprising, because there is still a fresh memory of the most spectacular and significant event in the world of sports - the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

No doubt, ski sports are the most popular winter discipline. In the world actively develop and popularize ski and ski resorts , more often in skaters, parks and suburban sports bases there are amateur skiers.

If you decide to join the ranks of lovers of skiing, you must be puzzled by the question of how to lubricate skis.

How to properly lubricate skis for a classic move?

First, let's look at the types of ointments. All of them are divided into two large groups: for slipping and holding. Depending on the style of skiing, the method of applying these ointments is chosen.

So, for example, when preparing skis for a classic move, you need to do the following. On the central part (otherwise called the shoe), located on the base of the ski from the heel and for 15-25 centimeters ahead of the attachment, it is necessary to apply a uniform layer of fixative ointment. This measure will not allow the ski to slide backward at a jerk. For a more comfortable course forward, the toe and back parts of the ski can be rubbed with paraffin ointment to slip.

Before those who are going on a ski tour for the first time, it becomes a question of whether you need to lubricate new skis. It all depends on what kind of skis and for what purposes you have purchased. For example, skis with notches do not need lubrication. If it's not about professional cross-country skiing, then the preparation of new skis can be minimal. So plastic skis have a fairly smoothly moving perfectly flat surface, so do not need additional processing to reduce friction. In this case, you may only need an ointment for fixation. However, in the future, plastic skis will constantly need priming and lubrication.

How to properly lubricate the cross-country skiing?

Before applying the ointment, it is necessary to clean the surface of the ski from the old layer of grease. For this, there are special scrapers made of plastic and brushes with synthetic bristles. If you do not have these tools at your fingertips, this is not an acute plastic ruler.

There are many ways to apply, each one chooses the one that will be most convenient for him.

One of the most common technologies for applying a ski lubricant is as follows. Apply the ointment evenly, and then smooth to a smooth state using a special cork or synthetic grit.

There is also a hot way, in which the paraffin layer is leveled with a hot iron. With this option, the surface of the paraffin is more smooth and skis better slip.

Depending on what kind of skiing or recreation you prefer, depends on the choice of what you need to lubricate skis.Tak, if you are a supporter of skating, then the whole surface of skis should be greased with a sliding agent.

How to properly lubricate wooden skis?

Today in sports stores a large number of Universal lubricants suitable for both plastic and wooden skis. But it is worth remembering that each material has its own characteristics.

Wooden skis, which are properly tended, have a much better slip.

The easiest way to care for such skis is the paraffin primer (a candle-tablet or special means is ideal for this) and applying a silver-ointment, which lovers of ski trips often do themselves.

And remember, no matter what kind of ski you prefer, with proper use of them you will get a lot of pleasure from walking outdoors.